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If you are looking at picking up a lightly used phone. The M8 is a fantastic media powerhouse. Swappa is the best way to buy and sell mobile devices bar none.
Selling my #HTCOneM8   #HTC   #htcone   #Swappa   #android  
Unlocked Soff Converted to Developer edition with updates directly from HTC.
For sale on Swappa: a gently-used TQC715 HTC One M8 (AT&T) for $285. Buy safely on Swappa and save time and money.
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This is absolutely insane. We vote these people into power to support us, the citizens, and they bend over for the corporations.
WheezyJoe writes: As the FCC considers the merger between Comcast/Universal and Time-Warner Cable, which would create the largest cable company in the U.S. and is entering the final stages of federal review, politicians are pressuring the FCC with pro-merger letters actually written by Comcast. Acc...
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On my desk is a brand new, unopened LG G Watch in white. I was lucky enough to be given this but have no use for it currently so I'd like to pass it on to someone who will make good use of it.

If you'd like me to post this to your home address, absolutely free of charge then reshare this post. Whoever has the most public reshares will win the watch. For free. No kidding. Happy New Year.

#gwatchr #giveaway-greg
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Which is your preferred OS of choice on your M8? I have been running the SkyDragon rom for the past week, love Lollipop so far but there are parts of Sense I miss. The utilitarian look, the camera (its so fast!) and blinkfeed primarily. 

*Knowing the Lollipop update is to be here shortly.
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HTC One M8 GPE (Lollipop)
HTC One M8 Sense (KitKat)*
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HTC camera is extremely slow when your storage starts to fill up. Android camera did not suffer at all.
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Feb. 24th 2013, Icy outside.
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Lovely view over the ocean. 
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Lol #Apple your PR suddenly sucks!?
Apple will BAN any media doing a bend test video
Apple is committing fraud on a massive scale by selling a flawed device to millions of people willingly. Here might be why we don't see any bend tests on +The Verge CNET +Engadget and +ABC News: One of the major German tech medias +COMPUTER BILD demonstrated to their audience how fragile the iPhone 6 Plus is and Apple's response is to BAN Computer BILD from all future Apple events and early access review units, see +COMPUTER BILD's open letter to Tim Cook:

Apple boycotts COMPUTER BILD: An open letter to Tim Cook

In a video COMPUTER BILD showed how easy it is to bend an iPhone 6 Plus. The reaction from Apple: no more testing devices and no more invites for COMPUTER BILD. It is time for an open letter to Tim Cook.

Huge success for Bentgate video from COMPUTER BILD
This video is a screamer: Axel Telzerow, editor in chief of the german PC magazine COMPUTER BILD, proved how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. The 5 minute clip reached over 350,000 people via YouTube. Blogger and TV stations reported about the video. 

Apple boycotts COMPUTER BILD
And Apple? The german PR department of the company reacts in a disturbing way: Instead of answering the questions about why the iPhone 6 Plus is so sensitive, a manager called COMPUTER BILD and told us, that COMPUTER BILD will not get any testing devices and no invites to official events any more.

Open letter to Apple boss Tim Cook
On occasion of this reaction, COMPUTER BILD editor in chief Axel Telzerow applies to Tim Cook via an open letter:

Dear Mr. Tim Cook!
Just like anyone else who is obsessed with digital technology we have eagerly awaited the new iPhone. We felt relief when the head of our telecom department one day shouted “Here we go!”, presenting an invitation to the great event. And certainly we took a flight, went all the way to California, just to tell our readers every detail about the device that you and your company have worked on so hard for such a long time.
When the iPhone 6 Plus finally hit the market we noticed a few reports on a possible problem. According to them the case seemed to be weak, “bendable”, to drop the evil word. Being popular for our tests with utmost scrutiny, we could not leave the subject without comment. Of course that required further tests since testing new products without any prejudice is our obligation to our readers.
And so we bought an iPhone 6 Plus, just to find out whether it was a singular problem or some kind of hoax. The test was quite simple, so we could easily record it on video. Just to prove that what happens is nothing but the truth.
To be honest: We were shocked about how easy it was to bend the device. And so were around 200.000 viewers who watched the video up until now. We can imagine that you and your colleagues must have been shocked, too. This might have been the reason why we got a call from one of your german colleagues the next morning. He was upset, and it was a rather short conversation. “From now on”, he said, “you won’t get any devices for testing purposes and you will not be invited to Apple events in the future.”
Dear Mr. Cook: Is this really how your company wants to deal with media that provide your customers with profound tests of your products? Do you really think that a withdrawal of Apple’s love and affection could have an intimidating effect on us? Luckily we do not have to rely on devices that Apple provides us. Luckily, a lot of readers are willing to pay money for our magazine to keep us independent. So we are able to buy devices to do our tests anyway. Even devices of manufacturers that seem to fear COMPUTER BILD’s independent judgement.
Even if we are quite dismayed about Apple’s reaction, we won’t give up our principles: We will continue our incorruptible tests that have the same high reputation in the german media-landscape as Apple has for its products. So far. We congratulate you to your fine new generation of iPhones, even if one of them has a minor weakness with its casing. But we are deeply disappointed about the lack of respect of your company.

Best regards,
+Axel Telzerow 
Editor in Chief COMPUTER BILD-Group

No reaction by Apple so far
COMPUTER BILD not only published this open letter, but also mailed it directly to Tim Cook and to the European Apple headquarter. There is still no reaction, but we will inform you, once a statement will reach us.
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Wewt NAS!
Hey guys, we've just reviewed ASUSTOR AS7004T NAS and Media Center, and now we're giving it away to you! Wouldn't you like to win?

To enter, +1 and Reshare this post, then join the giveaway:
Convergence happens often in the world of technology, where one product category is subsumed by another – remember those phones that only made voice calls? Or the dedicated mp3 player that didn't even have an internet connection? Me neither. Network Attached Storage however has generally remained as just that - a big box with some hard…
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Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!!!! 
The bestselling app of the Christmas Season is back, with all new dances and new features!
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McKenzie “Mac” McCarthy

G+ Questions - Mobile  - 
I have a video that is stuck in the queue to back up via auto backup, however the video is no longer on my device, and is stuck in the queue, constantly failing to back up. Any ideas on how to fix this? have tried clearing cache, wiping and restoring roms etc.
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you should be able to delete or remove it from google photos... I'm unsure whether you have tried this, and if so which methods you have tried. if in the app I would close the app and restart it, if it is appearing on the desktop version you should be able to delete there.
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Current setup for my M8. 
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+McKenzie McCarthy​ it's the android os consuming a good chunk for me as well
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McKenzie “Mac” McCarthy

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Robert is absolutely great to work with. Quick service and very friendly/helpful. Highly recommend using them as your primary mechanic.
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Great food at a decent price, breakfast is always a treat here.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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