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We represent people who have been severely injured in truck, bus, and other commercial motor vehicle accidents. Whether it is a rear-end, intersectional, side-swipe or hit and run accident, we specialize in jury verdicts against trucking and bus companies. We often find that these transportation companies are poorly run and managed, drivers are not properly trained, drivers often have health problems, are not well-rested, are fatigued and vehicles are poorly maintained. Through discovery, we uncover these negligent practices and put them on display for the jury and under certain circumstances obtain punitive damages against these companies. We also have experience in exposing the practices of these companies to have lawyers and experts at the scene of the accident, to handle, preserve and potentially even dispose of critical evidence. We call that the “clean-up crew” and juries do not have a favorable view of companies who go to the scene to handle the evidence ahead of time often while the injured victims are suffering and/or transported to the hospital. We will make sure your truck or bus accident case receives the maximum recovery in litigation or trial.
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I, RAYMOND D. MCELFISH founded this law firm in 1991 in New York City and relocated to Los Angeles in 2003. We are a unique species in the litigation and trial world, some might even say a “dying breed.” We are a well-funded and deeply experienced litigation and trial law firm that is dedicated to serving the rights of the people. We have decades of in-courtroom trial experience that insurers, businesses, and corporations only wish their lawyers had. We take great pride in carefully reviewing each case, setting a value we feel is fair and reasonable for our clients based on our extensive experience, and pursuing that result through trial and verdict. We utilize the best jury consultants, expert witnesses and visual technology companies complemented by our own impeccable grasp of the evidence and trial advocacy skills to secure large jury verdicts for our clients. In a world in which insurance companies and large corporations have endless amounts of resources to defend themselves, we as experienced trial lawyers expose these companies’ weaknesses and put their valuable assets at risk to ensure that people have a voice and that justice can be served. Our trial record speaks for itself, please see results and verdicts section. We have secured over $100 million in settlements and verdicts over the past 27 years for folks just like you. We will take your phone calls and our competent friendly staff will treat you politely and courteously, as we consider our clients to be a part of our law firm family. We look forward to being by your side and getting you the justice you deserve.
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