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Third time's the charm!

Does what you see of the SKYACTIV® 2014 Mazda6 so far resemble the look of the TAKERI Concept? What would you add/change in the all-new Mazda6? 
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Forget the SKYACTIV tech and let the guys in the +Mazdaspeed department get a hold of it.  
FWD. And if you really want to know what it looks like, look up the Takeri concept. So far the new '6 looks almost exactly like it. Just like the CX-5 looks almost exactly like the Minagi concept. Great work Mazda! Now let's get that diesel over here :)
AWD, Turbocharger, 350 bhp, 35/30 mpg!  One can dream can't he?
Eh? Mazdaspeed6? Doesn't compute @_@.. but still excited about this car. Hurry up and out with it!
+Kevin Irish Now since you mentioned it, I compared production CX-5 with Minagi and... it lost quite a few design features that made the concept car so attractive: front swooping metal accent that lead into the headlight was redesigned to stop before the headlight, all the accents were toned down, and it lost glass ceiling.

If they make same changes to Mazda-6, I'd actually be disappointed... and start worrying about production model of Shinari.
The chrome spike going into the headlight must be a production/cost challenge. To do it right, the chrome spike would need to be on the outside of the headlamp glass (like the spoiler-to-brake lamps spikes on the rear of the new Porche Boxster), rather than than try to continue it under the glass as they have with the CX-5. The break introduced by having to continue it under the glass really diminishes the forcefulness of that line compared to the original design on the Minagi concept. Worse, the eye-spike line can only be be resolved at the center of the headlight/eyeball. If it doesn't get there, as happens on the CX-5, then it ends up being an unresolved line, further weakening the forcefulness of the grill-to-headlamp highlight.

From the videos for the new 6 (see video 1), it seems clear that rather than implementing an unconvincing literal interpretation of the "eye-spike" from the Takeri concept, they opted to keep the really forceful grill-to-headlamp highlight but instead point them to a spike above the headlamp. The line created by the top of the headlamp resolves the spike cleanly. Yeah, I'd have preferred the "eye-spike", but production design is always about compromises, and I think they did a better job interpreting the strong grill-to-headlamp highlight here than they did in the CX-5.
I can see what you mean about the chrome wing tips in the headlamps. They probably are a cost concern and therefore made to stop at the headlight and continue inside. If Mazda can somehow decrease that gap, or better yet keep the Minagi-style wing tips, then it will look better.

I do think Mazda has done the best with bring their concept cars to production reality, though, compared to some other manufacturers.
+Andrew Lake I guess I can see how challenging it can be to put that into production. And yes, the first teaser does show the lamp design, and I must confess, I think it maintains the sharp feel of the concept very well indeed!

So, when's the full PR kick off?
Soon! Just ... not soon enough :-)
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