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Mazda Meschi
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Mazda Meschi

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It is a beautiful day...
حاجی بکنده
سامسونگ گلکسی
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Winston Churchill

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”
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#cyberstalking #cyber_bullying #gang_stalking #clash_of_clans

Gang stalkers using popular games to stress and threaten victims, imagine you play clash of clans, first terrorist stalker attacks your village and get 1000 gold, second terrorist stalkers attack and get 1000 gold third terrorist attacks and again get exactly 1000 gold and when you check their villages you see they build graves with walls.

Now you may think this as a joke or nothing to concern, think of victims who receives these kind of threats every day in real life and virtual.
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Once when I was in #Tehran I sent an email to city of #London #police regarding my complaint against three bouncers who's racially beating me in #fabric_club

The police of London denied ever any complaint in my name and day after one of my family's car disappeared, since then which was 2006 till now I am gang_stalking target.

#gang_stalking police_stalking #London #Tehran
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My internet speed being lowered by #gang_stalkers on specific subjects most probably from outside #Iran
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Dear #Mars_one

I have enough faith and reasons to go to Mars, please sign me up unconditionally.

May 80 million kilometers distance save me to rest in peace from devils.
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Mazda Meschi

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A coati watches a guide eat lunch in the Rincon de la Vieja National Park in northern Costa Rica.Credit Kent Gilbert/Associated Press, for The New York Times
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Mazda Meschi

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By treating we don't reaching.anywhere
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توضیحی در مورد ریشه ایرانی جشن #والنتاین

7000 سال پیش در چنین روزهایی زمانی که هنوز برزیل از آبادان جدا نشده بود و ساحلش کنار شط بود، پادشاه آبادان «کا اول» تو غروب کنار شط به معشوقش یه ریبون طلایی کادو داد و این روز را «ولک تایم» نامید. هر ساله مردم جهان این روز را جشن می‌گیرند ولی به مرور زمان ولک تایم به ولنتاین تبدیل شد.
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  • Bournville College
    English Language
  • Azad University, north branch
    Business Managment
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Let's make the world better place to live
Thanks to social networks for preventing organization which was expected to guard laws, humanity, justice...... the things their continent people fought in order to achieve and be proud along hundred years.

Survived four years torture in the land of freedom and four years torture in the axis of Evil, still alive but not sure to be...

I have been gang stalked by Scotland yard and Fabric club in London from 2006 to 07 and till now from their puppets in Iran.

 اسمم حسن آمره است برای سالها میترسیدم اسم خودم رو بگم هفت سال انگلیس زندگی کردم که بدبختیم از انجا شروع شد در فابریک کلاپ لندن بهم حمله نژادپرستانه شد به نزدیکترین پلیس استیشن برای شکایت رفتم یکی از پلیسها گفت اشتباه میکنی شکایت میکنی اسکاتلند 

AMERI   607249   H99ZT

Photography, traveling, cultures, language, history, HUMAN RIGHTS 

Would like to become a professional photographer
  • 18c NW4 3XP
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