Got a Logitech K380 BT keyboard for myself yesterday. I quite like it, though I wish it came with some kind of slip case, and its back is a bit creaky. But it's for Rs2070 (a little less than 22GBP) so not much to complain about.

Its keys are matte, round and slightly concave, very comfortable to type on, and my fingers are having no trouble finding the right keys, something they still can't do after two years on one of my laptops. An older model of Logitech had a little groove for propping up one's phone, but it was double the weight of the K380, so I went for this one, at around 400gm. It should fit in most of my bags easily.

Had absolutely no trouble pairing it with the 5 devices I tried - an Android phone, a Win10 laptop and my Lumia 1020 on Win10, an iPhone 4S and an iPad Mini. The two iOS devices didn't even need a number code to be punched in. It can remember up to 3 devices, and I just have to use the 3 buttons that are on the top left to switch between devices.

Apart from the shortcuts mentioned here - (I've just given it a quick read) I noted on Android that the Start button gave me the choice to go to Google or Opera, and if I was on the home screen, pressing any letter took me to the Google app. Pressing any key when the phone was locked, would wake the screen. The volume up and down keys worked while watching a Netflix series on Chromecast, but play/pause didn't. Haven't used it much with the other devices yet.

I've got this keyboard to use mainly with my phones for any last minute work, short translations and the like, and to increase the distance between me and the laptop if my eyes are too tired on any day. I think it will serve me well. Have typed all this on the same keyboard, with marginal difference of speed from my laptop keyboard and very few mistakes, will now try to translate a 10-min script and see how it goes.
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