I have 2 Nokia Play 360 speakers which are 3 years old. One of them developed a crackling sound after I used it while it was charging. I didn't want to throw it as the two can be paired for stereo output. The guys at Nokia Care couldn't figure out the issue either.

Yesterday a friend told me his Play 360 speaker had the same problem. I became determined to find a cure, and, as any sane person would do, switched on the speaker and shook it. The crackle disappeared! I kept it down smugly, and it was back. Picked it up again, and again it was gone. I realised my thumb was on the BT button in the front of the speaker, and it had somehow become so loose that it vibrated, esp. hard with bass-heavy sound. Taped it down and the problem is gone :) Thanks to NFC, I don't really use that button anyway.

The fix worked for the friend too.
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