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Deciding When Your Loved One With Alzheimer's Needs Help -
Alzheimer’s is a serious disease that will slowly rob your loved one of their ability to take care of themselves. Not only will it decrease their mental acuity, but it will also make it more difficult for them to manage simple physical activities. Here’s how you can gauge when...
#Alzheimers, #ProfessionalHelp, #SeniorCare

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Selecting The Right Assisted Living Facility -
If you have been shopping around for assisted living facilities, you might have noticed a few differences. Many of these facilities are located in long, drab-looking buildings that are filled with room after room for seniors to live in. Here are a few reasons why Mayberry Gardens is a better...
#AssistedLiving, #Personalized, #SeniorCare

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The Importance Of Friendship In A Senior Community -
Is your beloved senior feeling lonely as they age because all of their friends are moving on or passing away? It is important to find a way to help them fight this loneliness, as it can lead to depression, isolation, and an increased risk of sickness. A senior community living situation may be...
#Friendship, #SeniorCommunity

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When is it Time for Memory Care -
Dementia is not like other health conditions, which develop suddenly. It comes on gradually. When people talk about dementia, they commonly discuss the symptoms of loss of memory, extreme confusion, and disorientation, but there are other symptoms that are easily overlooked and hard to...
#Alzheimer'S, #Dementia, #MemoryCare

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Caring for Those with Mid-Stage Alzheimer's -
Managing Alzheimer’s is difficult for family members and for those suffering from the disease. In the middle stages of Alzheimer’s, afflicted seniors may suddenly become confused about what they are doing or forget important information. As a result, they also...
#Alzheimer'S, #Caregivers, #SeniorCare

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How to Help Your Parent Adjust to Assisted Living -
The step in a senior’s life when he or she relocates to assisted living is often emotional and frightening. The difficulty accepting a new residence can have adverse effects on her mood and physical health. As a loved one, it is your goal to make transitioning as pleasant as possible to...
#AssistedLiving, #Moving, #Seniors

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Assisted Living, A Beneficial Chapter For Your Loved One -
At Mayberry Gardens, assisted living is a beneficial chapter for your loved one. It entails a new sense of independence and amenities your loved will enjoy.
Assisted Living in a home away from home:
Most nursing homes are anything but homey. Residents are put into rooms that very much...
#Activities, #AssistedLiving, #Dementia

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Senior Living: Keeping the Mind Sharp -
Brain atrophy commonly occurs in older adults. It causes memory loss and dulls cognitive function. There are steps seniors can take to keep the aging mind sharp. Make a plan for better senior living that will help you retain your brain power.
Nutrition affects brain functioning. Rush...
#MemoryCare, #Mind, #SeniorCare

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3 Tips For Moving A Senior into their New Assisted Living Environment -
If your senior-aged loved one has decided to move to an assisted living facility, you might be worried about the process of moving. After all, moving from his or her home can be tough enough as it is. Dealing with your loved one’s possessions can be quite a job. Luckily, we’ve got...
#AssistedLiving, #MovingSenior, #SeniorCare

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The Beauty of Residential Care Homes -
So often the words “assisted living” and “memory care” conjure up images of lonely institutional settings rather than a place to truly call home. Fortunately, residential care homes are a wonderful ’round the clock option for those seeking warm, welcoming,...
#AssistedLiving, #MemoryCare, #SeniorCare
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