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GPL violations
I choose to release Mayan EDMS under the GPL which means you get the source code of the software plus the freedom to use it, modify it and pass it on forward to other people. I share the fruits of my labor and all that you are asked to do is share what you build on top of Mayan EDMS too. If being given the software with all these liberties and that simple requirement wasn't enough, Mayan EDMS is also provided free of charge, it cost you $0.00 to download, install or use, there is no registration required, there are no limitation of the amount of user, roles, group, folders, documents, indexes or features, unlike most other open source document management software in the market. However that doesn't mean Mayan EDMS is public domain and that it belongs to everybody, that's the only thing I'm keeping for myself, it is my property but I'm choosing to share it with you. If you fork Mayan EDMS into a closed or private respository, stop and think about what you are doing because you going about it the wrong way. Likewise if you fork Mayan EDMS and the first patch you commit is to change the name, stop. It has come to my attention that there are a number of unauthorized forks of Mayan EDMS being offered for download as if the original version was being abandoned and at least one fork is being sold with a comercial license to add insult to injury. These violators have been listed in a new page called GPL violations.

How will this affect the future of Mayan EDMS? It is too early to tell, what is certain is that the latest technologies being added to Mayan EDMS must be protected until they are ready to be released. Taking this into account and effective inmediately the development branch has been removed from the public repository until I figure out what to do or that it is finished and ready for public release as the next version of Mayan EDMS.
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You don't really provide much detail, but I don't see much GPL violation here, depending on what "sold commercially" means: There is no rule against selling GPL-licensed software, as long as you provide the source and license, and do not strip copyrights. Neither is forking or changing the name. I don't know what you mean about private repositories, but again, if source, copyright notice and license is provided with distributions, this is explicitly allowed by the GPL.
As Dennis said, the GPL doesn't prohibit forking, rebranding and reselling your code. What it does prohibit is doing so under the terms of a different licence, or failing to provide the source code of their fork.
Right, but it was my understanding that "Private" forks aren't prohibited either, as long as it is not being distributed or sold outside of your internal company. The definition of "forking" that he is saying not to do, would even seem to encompass private git clones!

Also, s/violaton/violation/ on the "Violation" listing page.
James, Dennis and Nicholas make good points. I also believe whatever you already released can still be used under GPL. In other words you cannot stop people from distributing older versions nor can you change the licensing terms on older versions of your software. 

I was wondering about your rights on stopping people from using the name "Mayan EDMS" and any logos. Still not sure but here's a relevant answer on stackoverflow:
To whom it may concern, 

I would be happy to help answer any questions the maintainers of this project may have concerning the terms of the GNU General Public License, including how to determine if a third-party is in fact violating the license, as well as provide whatever advice I can on how you might go about helping to bring others distributing the software into compliance with the license. Please feel free to contact me personally at or contact our team of licensing staff and volunteers at If you have already tried to contact us regarding this matter and have not heard back from us, I apologize in advance, and ask that you please contact me personally so I can help you immediately. 

Joshua Gay
Licensing & Compliance Manager
Free Software Foundation
+Joshua Gay Thanks a lot!  As I mentioned in a reply above, the project is getting too big and needs proper representation and legal counsel, once a decision is made to keep or change the licensing a proper membership into the FSF and other organizations is in order.
Roberto, I urge you to contact the Software Freedom Law Center for legal advice <>. It is not necessary that you become a member of the FSF for us to be able to provide you help and guidance in understanding the terms of the GNU GPL -- we are always happy to help.


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