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Looking for paid projects

To help pay for rent and groceries I'm looking for more paid (programming) projects to work on the coming months. Small or big doesn't really matter.

My skill set is pretty broad, with software engineering, C++ and mobile (Android, iOS, WP7) development as my specialties. Learning new skills is for me easy and desirable. See the attached resume for more details.

Whether I'll work solitary or as part of a team doesn't matter to me, as long as I can do most or all of the work from home.

Please share this post around so that I can have money to feed myself and my girlfriend with :)
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Good luck Maya, wish I had work to pass along >_>
I hope you have a lot more luck than me.
Apply to google if get on with you can get set up anywhere in the world ?
I would like to work for them but not a it tech there always hiring. There is a business circle that has a lot it people in it Google is the number one company in the world to work for . Or go to cummuionties There are business circles 
Please guys share it~

We'd appreciate it^^
Thank you!.
+David Lazarus I think you will find a job eventually, hold on!.

Tip; don't be that picky, the more chance you've got that people want to hire you :)
+Randy Wilkins I applied for Google last year already and got rejected without them giving any reason. I can not apply again for another few months at least. To be honest I wouldn't want to work for them anyway.

I have chosen to work for myself so that I can do things the way I feel are the best. My experiences with working for others generally indicate that they are extremely frustrating and often lead to burn-outs.

With just a few smaller projects each month I'd have enough income and can work on my company's games and products as well at the same time, while not bound to a specific location :)
+Maya Posch I didn't know you, I just stumbled upon your account through +Marcelo Hashimoto. I did however decide to add you to one of my circles because you seem very interesting to me. I've forwarded the message to Public on my account, so anyone following me will see it and I hope someone in there has something for you.
+Maya Posch getting rejected without a reason is common in US companies--there are simply too many applicants to get through all the resumes and respond. Probably you just got lost in the shuffle. 

Sorry, the only jobs I could help you with would all be here in Silicon Valley. :(
I'm going to share also and tag some tech companies while I'm at it 
I work for an MSO out in phoenix, who has applications and internet developing teams; though from what I read you are looking to work for yourself correct?
+Edmond Dantes I'm looking to work freelance, yes :) At any rate I'm bound to where I live at the moment.
Maya I am looking for someone who can help me with completing my first iOS app. What would you charge for providing guidance and oversight of my project?
i can help you to do freelance job , email me to can help you
+Maya Posch Seeing this scares me a bit, as I'm in my final year of college getting ready to venture into the real world with a degree in CS. Are you needing more projects strictly because you're going freelance?
Even though I'm glad to see this make What's Hot? I am completely baffled by whatever criteria Google uses to deem something "Hot"
+Maya Posch do you charge hourly or a flat rate for a mobile application? I have a few app ideas I would like developed
+Joe Caudill Yeah, I need some projects to make money with while I transition to having my company's products fully support me financially. This is a requirement after I nearly got a burn-out at the last job I had and I realized that working at a (Dutch) company just won't do it for me.

+Eric Hubbel Nice to know it made it into 'What's Hot', and I share your sentiment on what's 'Hot'. I never really understood that either :P
+Matthew Hayward Hard to say without knowing more details. I'm however willing to take a look at it and see whether we can come to an agreement :) Send me a PM or the like with more details if you wish.
I hope all works out for you +Maya Posch. I added you to my circles as well because you seem like someone that would be excellent to follow in the technology field. :) I have also shared the post.
Good luck! I totally understand why you want to work freelance. I did work for Google for almost 7 years, and even though it was fun and I learned a lot I am happy to be elsewhere and also doing my own projects (and some for clients soon as well). I will keep you in mind if we ever need support in the near future. :-) 
+Maya Posch Maya forgive me but I am having a little challenge in regards to sending you a private message. Would you be so kind as to send me one first.
+Joel Rivera I generally charge per-project, but anything is up for discussion. Based upon the requirements document I can give an estimate of the required time and budget required. Send me a PM or such with details if you're interested :)

+Logan Farr Thank you :)

+Fili Wiese Thank you, it's nice to have people in one's network to share work with :) I think I can understand what you mean. I really felt like working at Google would be awesome before my rejection and it could have been a good time over at Google Germany. Working for oneself with the freedom it gives does have that something special, though :)
+Maya Posch I just visited your site, and I gotta say you seam like a very gifted person who's going to do big things! I wish I had something to offer you, because I would not hesitate. I hope someday I can have a portfolio as impressive as yours. Good luck Maya! I'm pulling for you!
P.S. I'm going to sign your petition as soon as I fire up the old laptop this morning :)
i am looking for paid projects too! Good luck Maya
+Maya Posch Btw if you like I can probably figure out why you were rejected by Google. If you are curious, but I would need some data from you.

Anyone else reading this, I can possibly help people here to have a fighting chance when applying at a company like Google. But no promises. :-) 
+Fili Wiese I would love the help. I'm not applying yet, need to finish school first. What sort of help are you offering? Advice is greatly appreciated!
+Fili Wiese in my case i was rejected by Google because they found someone with my same skills but cheaper. Isn't very polite.
Thank you +Joe Caudill!. I hope on this way that we will reach the 10K in no time ^_^

Sad about the whole thing is that Maya has over 20K followers on G+ so I don't get it why her followers aren't willing to sign up or share it.

Thanks again :)
+Maya Posch I have an idea that needs to get going.  I would like to see some of the costs to complete.  Could you send me a PM so I can give you an overview?
Hey Maya, I shared your post with all friends of mine hoping someone will catch up with you. I personally look for a person that can help us out on minor projects but as we just started we probably can afford such a high skill resume like yours. 
Just as info, we started a software as a service company. The app is based on PHP,Maria,JqueryMobile etc and has to run on all majors. We already have some big names as customers but have to streamline the code and - as allways - no time for it.
Gust PM me if you think that would be something where you have interest. Remember - we just started and as founder we still pumping money into it rather then celebrate ;-)
How ever you decide - I wish you all the best and hope many do as you did "Post"
+Maya Posch I can take an educated guess (based on my experience in hiring committees inside Google based on the exact CV you sent to Google, any other material you sent (e.g. cover letter), the ad you responded too if any (I hope you made a backup) and know where you sent it exactly (I am guessing you used 
Maya harass the people asking for I know that everybody want to work for
phone or e-mail them until they get sick of and then they know that you want the job I like a bit-bull when I come to doing thing this why I get thing stand and look at people say what the hold up the last company I work for it piss off the foreman that I would have all my work done in four hour this just the way I tick and I like so the best of luck I am looking for law I do the same thing I harass them to have a great day I just doing work to pay the rent Randy
+Michele Adduci Actually I see that you are a research associate and I know for a fact that they love hiring high skilled people. It depends, did you have a salary in mind or did they offer you one? In other words, how do you know the person they hired was cheaper?
I'm sharing your post! I hope you find something!
+Joe Caudill I assume you mean high school? In which case, it is a great time to learn Python and launch web apps :)

Also try to get some extra credits with computer coding related activities (outside your normal class schedule). It also really helps (with all American companies) if you somehow can show that you stood out. For example, president of a society or single-handed launched a business or build a website for NGO, etc. You can make anything that helps people. Show you believed in it and how you wanted to make it a success. If it fails, no problem then just sell it as an personal accomplishment and that you learned from it. Also try to get high marks in school / college. At least with your diploma and thesis.

Last but not least, when at college try to connect as much with international students and societies and maybe even do an internship abroad. Major American companies that do international business love hiring people who have international experience. 

Hope this helps you somewhat :)
+Fili Wiese I had someone who worked or works at Google Germany recommend me, which started the interviewing process. All I sent in as far as I recall was an older version of the linked CV.
Maya .. if you're interested in working remote for a german company on iOS there is probably a chance .... drop a message to +Thomas Kraft i'll inform him
Done, hope something moves. At least on the english speaking network, since on the italian one I don't expect much work to be done from home.
I have tons of work on many projects both small and large available for coders with solid skillsets and work ethics.
Mostly php, html5, android.
Must have the abilty to be creative with common sense and work independently.
English must be fluent (read/write/understand), exellent communication skills.
My g+ communication email address is for anyone interested in exploring potential projects.

Oh... btw... we are open to all forms of mutually beneficial exchange/compensation (project milestone based, project based, hourly, part time/full time etc)
We do not skype but do gtalk/gvoice/g+hangout/email/sms.
I hope to "meet" some of you asap!

Although I can't help you with finding a job - I can wish you the best thou! :)
+Maya Posch how are your cryptography (openssl), Fuse and QA skills? I'm working on big-ass one-man open source a pet-project, unsuccessful to find any volunteers to help me with essential code reviews. If this remains the coming two months, and you are up to it and considerate of the fact that its a non profit open source pet project with all investments coming out of my own pocket,  we might be able to help each-other be it in a limited way. 
Hi +Maya Posch I added you to my circles. I have a lot technical & geeks in my circles that you can look & see if they can help you. I wish you luck with you're endures :-)
+Randy Wilkins Regarding Google, I would not recommend that to Maya, From what I've seen from Maya's posts in the LinkedIn C++ group, and what Google exposed about the apparent bad state of their legacy C++ code base by publishing their C++ coding guidelines, I would not imagine +Maya Posch her C++ skill-set being able to blossom in such an environment being confined to using C++ as a crippled language as mandated by these guidelines, or worse having to work maintenance on  old broken non exception-safe C++ code without being allowed by the coding guidelines to resolve the massive amount of technical debt that apparently the Google C++ code-base must be suffering from.
+Rob Meijer I have done some work with OpenSSL and I understand the theory behind encryption techniques. I wouldn't mind looking into doing some things together, project-wise :)
Contact Adrienne at, she need help implementing some services in OsCommerce. I am not sure what her timeline is with this but it could help.
+Maya Posch I'm having difficulties sending you a message. Please send one my way so I can brief you on my ideas to get a rough estimate
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Education and experience for Data Modeler include:
BA in Computer Science or MIS and 5-6 years of experience in the software development field.
General knowledge of and experience with the Unix and Windows operating system along with C, C++, and Java programming languages.
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