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Maya Mendoza
Works at Owner and founder of both Milagro Fusion Marketin, Milagro Digital Publishing & the upcoming
Attended Headington School, Oxford
Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Consultant | Personal Development Author | Digital Publisher | Entrepreneur | Business Owner
Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Product Development, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing, Press Releases and PR, Digital Publishing, Health & Wellness Practitioner, Accelerated Performance Coaching
  • Owner and founder of both Milagro Fusion Marketin, Milagro Digital Publishing & the upcoming
    Founder / Owner, 2008 - present
  • Maya Mendoza, is a well known online marketing consultant and founder of Milagro Fusion Marketng and Milagro Milagro Digital Publishing. She works with authors, entrepreneurs and businesses to help clients skyrocket their visibility, popularity and profits through digital and social media channels via content marketing, public relations and SEO. Maya is also the author of two books and was recently awarded the title Best Marketing Consultant Glasgow. I love to engage with people on and off line so do connect with me here. Simply click on my name above, go to my profile and press the Add To Circles button. Looking forward to getting to know you today.
    2008 - present
    Owner / Editior, 2013 - 2013
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Digital Marketing Deva
Giving Digital Marketing, Publishing and SEO a Human Face - Connector of People and Dots

Entrepreneur, business owner, personal development coach, creative, writer & author. 

I've made  it my business  to help individuals and businesses improve their on-line visibility, popularity, reputation and effectiveness (so people like and trust you) via digital and social media channels.

I really enjopy engaging with people on and off line so I invite you ro connect with me here. Simply click on my name above, go to my profile and press the Add To Circles button. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you today


Much to my surprise it turns out that I have a talent for creative and strategic SEO which I combine with a fervour for Social Technology and how it is changing the world (I like to think for the better). 


I am a conscious creative, wordsmith, writer, author and curator with particular expertise and interest in social marketing and relationship building. 

I'm proud that my friend and now business partner +Yifat Cohen says this about me: 
"A "maven" is a trusted expert, a specialist in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. This is the very essence of Maya. Maya's marketing and business acumen runs deep. You can't be told or shown what she does for you. You have to experience her impact for yourself"
~  Yifat Cohen - (GplusGoToGal)

Founder (and Chief Digital Nomad)
of  Milagro Digital Publishing & Milagro Fusion Marketing. A virtual internet marketing strategy firm with office hubs on-line and across the planet

What we do at  Milagro Fusion Marketing 

We are becoming increasingly a world community, where who we associate with online is almost as important as who we associate with face to face.

What we do at Milagro is build relationships between prople, places and then things they love by weaving the threads of Social Networking, Business and Technology together. We aim to create memorable marketing and special communication experiences for our clients and their customers.

We also help businesses to attract clients and grow sales with Social Media, Mobile Internet, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Web & Blog Development, Custom Websites, eCommerce, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps.

This is what people pay us for

Digital Marketing Consulting + Social SEO Consulting + Local SEOMobile Apps Development + Mobile Marketing Services + Social Media Marketing + Social Media Management Content Marketing for SEO + Press Release Writing +  Mobile Marketing Services  + Google+ Business Pages + Google+Local + G+ Profile Optimisation + GPlus Page Makeovers + Gplus Training + Paid Search Advertising + Digital Product Development + 

What rocks my world? 

1. Helping people with a "make the world a better place" vision get seen and heard on-line....

Building connections (and businesses) with people via the web....

Joining the dots between people, things and ideas

Creating memorable social profiles and marketing campaigns that get your message out to the right people who need, want and crave what you have to share and offer

2. Living my life by design not default....and helping others do the same

3. Cooking for friends and family, laughter, the 'big' outdoors, creative pondering, and playing around with social technology..... (in that order)

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  • Nonprofit Marketing
  • Author / Wordsmith
  • 4 hour work week
  • WordPress Fan
  • Curators
  • Connectors
  • Creatives
  • Social Business Buzz
  • Social SEO
  • Marketing Mavens
  • Humanitarian & Spiritual
  • Si-Fi Enthusiast
  • Fabulous Foodies
  • Personal Growth / Development (NLP + EFT + PSTEC)
  • Entrepreneur 

My Philosophies

"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware" -- Henry Miller 

"Don't follow trends, start trends". -- Frank Capra

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."-- Henry Ford

Now..... I'm here in G+ to meet like minded people (and co-create with majestic mischief) so please add me to your circles and tell me about YOU (please).
Bragging rights
Published Author of ZenfullyYOU and The Hidden Power of Emotional Intuition.
  • Headington School, Oxford
  • Battle Abbey , Sussex
  • Middlesex University
    AmericanStudies, Media, Spanish, 1996


Maya Mendoza

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Hi Lee and John. All these features look fantstic. Both me and my outsource team use Hootsuite as a SM management tool and have done for about 5 years. I am wondering if you are integrating with Hootsuite as I am loathe to change over to buffer for a multitude fo reasons.

Maya Mendoza

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Fantastic to be on a Hangout with Jay Abraham  live with +Yifat Cohen on a hangout
Come here
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Maya Mendoza

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How To Write a Great Sales Letter Without Trying

Two days ago I was sitting at my desk in my home office staring out at the thick white flakes of snow falling heavily to the ground outside my window.

It was 2 pm in the afternoon and as the world turned white I was wondering if I should risk making a dash to the local store to stock up on some basics before the roads were impassable and I was snowed in for the weekend. 

Before I had the chance to make up my mind Skype started ringing on my PC and I turned to the screen and clicked on that familiar green button to pick up a call from my very good friend and Google + Hangouts expert +Yifat Cohen 

"Hey Maya" she blurted excitedly "I have some great news", and started to tell me about this great hangout-a-thon she was doing with the highly successful top copywriter and father of the Video Sales Letter +Jon Benson and this very cool, dare I say amazing, software he created called* 3x Sellerator*.

"So what's so amazing about it?" I asked nonchalantly 

"Well" she said "You have heard of VSL right"? 
"Sure" I said "Video Sales Letter"
"You would love it" she continued. " Being a great blogger and copywriter you will really appreciate what he has put together here". 

"Right" I said in my 'oh yeah I've seen it all before ' voice

"It's a software program that helps people who can't write to create professional quality video sales letters to sell thier products. You know, like the ones that Ryan Deiss and those other big shot marketing guys use"

I nodded silently for a few seconds.

"Maya, you don't get it" she insisted " This 3x Sellerator is a game changer. It takes ordinary folk who hate to sell and turns them into great copywriters...really you would love it" 

"OK. Sounds interesting" I said with a hint of curiosity and quiet excitement in my voice. "Can I get a look"?

"Well, I don't know" She said dangling the bait enticingly. "It's kind of exclusive... Maybe I can get Jon to let you have a review copy. Let me see what I can do...."

That was just 48 hours ago and all I can say is that it's been worth living without coffee and milk and eggs for two days (yep the snow kept coming and my car is boxed in and stuck in a 3 foot drift at the end of my driveway!)

So despite caffine cravings,  and that mild ache in your head you get when you need your morning cup of Joe I have been glued to my desk watching +Jon Benson  reveal his 8 figure, secret copywriting formula in all its intimate glory.  

I have never seen anything like it before. It truly is a breakthrough in sales and copywriting training.  This is a Copywriting platform that delivers a complete sales letter blueprint - in detail - that has the power to make an average writer look and sound like a copywriting god.

As a veteran copywriter, (and NLP practitioner and coach), having enjoyed some 24 hours immersed in the Sellerator system,  I can report that the system has shaken me up a bit. It's kind of uncomfortable to think that someone with little or no writing training can sit down and discover, in just hours, how create sales copy that rivals the best copywriters in the world. 

It's all in the system and Jon's Sellerator system is flawless. The software does everything it promises and more. It takes ordinary folk by the hand and walks them through every step they need to take to write the perfect, cash generating sales letter....

And them turn it into a video that engages and entrances the audience all the way to the sale.

The system is well organized. Every slide gives great examples of each technique you are learning while Jon, like a virtual mentor, narrates and shares his experience, and expertise throughout. It is easy to use and full of surprises. 

Imagine, no more roadblocks to writing great sales copy that closes the deal and puts cash in your pocket.  Priceless, simply priceless!

+Yifat Cohen  thank you for the introduction and the opportunity to participate.

And +Jon Benson  I shake you by the hand. Honestly, I wish I had had something like this to help me when I first got started 15 years ago. It would have cut years off my learning curve.

#Sellerator   #copywriting   #salesletter
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way very helpful! thanks for uploading this +Maya Mendoza.
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Maya Mendoza

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How your verbal communication skills influence your #sales results Get some great tips here. via

#influencermarketing #salestips   #persuasion  
Selling more and with higher profits through influencing verbal patterns, as esperienced during advanced sales training seminars
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Maya, I didn't even think of Google+...we haven't talked or chatted in over a year I think.  I no longer am using skype, but I didn't even think about this.  We really must reconnect, because I do want to detox my body.  So tell me something good and how have you been?
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Maya Mendoza

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What's Your Money Type? -  Take the #quiz and fins out @ 101 Business Insights  #money #finances

I showed up primarily as Magician - with a few kinks - what abut you? 
  At the Money Coaching Institute, we help people to identify and understand their money patterns and behaviors by working with their Money Types. Money Types are simply “archetypes” or short-hand to understanding behaviors...
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Maya Mendoza

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No Online Marketing Budget? Use These 7 Tips to Grow Your Business In-House.
Every small business would love to dive head first into online marketing, but many hit a roadblock when exploring the many options available: their budget....
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Maya Mendoza

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Awesome :-) 
Perfect your photos in a snap with the new Snapseed

With billions of images being uploaded and shared on a daily basis, we want to make it fast and easy for people to perfect their photos. What once required a desktop computer, costly software and hours of editing work, can now be accomplished quickly in a powerful app --  +Snapseed  

The new #Snapseed app gives you the precision and control of professional photo editing software on your phone or tablet. We’ve updated the app in many ways while staying true to our mission of helping everyone easily create extraordinary images. Here are the highlights:

New tools including Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast, intelligent perspective Transform, and Spot Healing

Selectively apply filters and effects to parts of the image using the Brush tool

Non-destructive editing via Stacks allows you to re-edit or undo any change. You can also copy edits from one image to another

Snapseed works with your phone camera shots as well as images from DSLRs, compact cameras, and more.

Get it today as it rolls out on the Play Store and the App Store
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Maya Mendoza

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Try this MBTI personality test - it's free.

I am an ENTJ (Assertive - Diplomat) an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. You are known for your determination, intuitive skills and ability to inspire other people....  I think I'm rather kooky and eccentric too. What about you?
Free personality test. Three things to know before taking the test: Takes less than 12 minutes. Answer honestly (even if you don't like the answer). Try not to leave any "neutral" answers. 0%. You find it easy to introduce yourself to other people. Agree. Disagree. Agree. Disagree ...
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Maya Mendoza

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Embracing the Creative Struggle via 101 Business Insights. This is a really thought provoking piece written by Amy Frazier, an organizational and leadership development consultant based out of Seattle, Washington. It brings up some important ideas. 

#writing   #creativitykickstart  
Creativity is not only about the joy of insight and self-expression; the reality of the creative struggle includes dark and difficult feelings as well.
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"Tell me about it.
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Maya Mendoza

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Evolution was my first entrepreneurial endeavour. I have posted it here as an example of my design ideas (we dont design and packaging awards for this product) and my copyrighting skills. 

I would love your comments and feedback on both. 
#entrepreneurship   #naturalbeauty   #organicskincare   #marketing  #writing #copywriting  
Award winning Natural Body Products company Eveolution Beauty presents its range of Toxin Free, Organic, Body and Beauty Products. Products created and designed by Maya Mendoza. ( Copywriting and Web writing by Maya Mendoza Product packaging concept developed by by Aird McKinstrie and Maya Mendoza. Product packaging design by Aird McKinstrie
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Maya Mendoza

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Happy Christmas to one and all. 

Thank you for being part of my life. Whether we are close friends or simply passing acquaintances we are connected. It is a pleasure to know you and I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world during this season and throughout the coming year.

Let’s get better connected, there’s so much I’d like to share with you. 

Blessings to you ~ Maya Mendoza
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Thank You.
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Maya Mendoza

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5 Tips How to get more people attending your Google Hangout on Air
Great ideas written up by +Wade Harman and published on +Social Media Examiner's website for getting more folks to watch your Hangout on Air Broadcasts (HOA).

Wade has outlined some of the tried and tested ways to build an audience for your HOA broadcasts. From promotional ideas to smart tactics for networking, this short article is worth the read if you use or plan to use HOA as part of your online activities.

Some ideas discussed here are part of what I'll unpack as a featured speaker at  #smmw15  (Social Media Marketing World 2015). I'll be talking about the use of HOAs to build & empower your audience. If attending SMMW15 is of interest, please use my affiliate link to get a discounted ticket for the San Diego event happening in March 2015
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HOAstrategy   #HangoutsOnAir  
Do you host Google Hangouts on Air? This article shares five things you can do to bring more live viewers to your Google Hangout on Air.
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The Dark Side of Creativity - 101 Business Insights

Creativity is not only about the joy of insight and self-expression; the reality of the creative struggle includes dark and difficult feelin

Sales training seminars to sell more through influencing words

Selling more and with higher profits through influencing verbal patterns, as esperienced during advanced sales training seminars

What's Your Money Type? - 101 Business Insights

At the Money Coaching Institute, we help people to identify and understand their money patterns and behaviors by working with their Money Ty

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Generally speaking I find staff in this branch helpful when you get to meet them face to face. The pay in machines are great. HOWEVER.... The biggest problem I have as a a customer with a blue badge and mobility issues is access. There is nowhere locally to park even with my badge. It is impossible to visit the branch in person unless I have a drive that can take me, drop me off right outside and them drive round the block to pick me up. This is massively inconvenient As this is the only branch in Glasgow and it is 23 miles from where I live every visit is a chore and challenge. I find this lack of care of mobility challenged people ridiculous and rather callus in today's age. Internet banking is a good option but you can't build a relationship with a bank with operatives over the phone.
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I was introduced to Sherry via The One Command which I am also trained in. Sherry also helps people to resolve long standing issues.She does this by accessing the Akashic Records and reading your Soul's Blueprint. I chose to work with her because I was at a impasse in my life and although I am qualified and successful as a healer in my field already, I felt that I was not living my true potential. Sherry's insights were profound. The process was totally non- invasive and my Soul reading really did explain how and why certain repeating patterns and preferences were present in my life. Over subsequent weeks I have listened to the reading a few time. I have gained amazing insight into what motivates and inspires me. I have a fresh perspectives on several important personal and business relationships which has made a positive difference to me making more appropriate choices moving forward... and much more. I am happy to recommend Sherry's work. You will gain a lot and enjoy spending time with her.
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The food is good but patchy. First visit the lobster soup was served to me cold - once heated it was delicious. Second visit the Casoulet was not casoulet. Grilled tough sausage, tasteless duck and bland white bean in a tomato sauce - and the side salad dressing was so sweet I had to send it back (candied greens) - however I have had the most wonderful macaroni cheese there (same its off the menu now) and the lamb dish was delicious - all in all a mixed experience and for the price a disappointment.
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I attended Stuart's 4 week course (2 hours per class) for an introduction to photography. I was completely new to using my SLR and the classed gave me both information to understand the camera and practical experience as to what it is able to do. There were only 8 students in the class which allowed everyone to get hands-on support and their questions answered. Stuart is generous with his knowledge and really kept things at a level that was comfortable for beginners. In other words he didn't get too technical unless we pressed him. The classes are very well structured. it's amazing how much you can learn in 2 hours when you have a good teacher who knows his subject inside out. If you get the opportunity to learn with him I recommend you take it. In addition to discovering the potential of my Cannon, I would say that one of the most important things I learnt was how important it is to experiment and play with the camera rather than to strive for the perfect shot. To sum up: Overall all I have nothing but good things to say about Stuart and his classes. I will be going back for more.
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