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imaj.inn Studio - Branding&Digital Design​ Check our company Profile to know more about

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We help businesses form a strategy to grow their brand using great design. We are Imaj.inn Studio.
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Technology has undergone a major transformation over the years, and so have we. The best and most obvious way for us to show you how we’ve evolved is by redeveloping our Imaj.inn Studio website with our own creative touch.

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It is not a file cabinet

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What to do Before Creating a Design Concept
Developing a design concept is something of an individual process. There’s no one right way to generate an idea and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. However there are parts to the process that everyone should go through.

Defining the problem – You can’t solve a problem without knowing what that problem is. Before developing a concept for a site you need to talk to your client and ask questions about the client’s brand, their customers, their general market, and their goals for the site.
Research – Your client won’t be able to tell you everything you want to know. You’ll have to do your own research into their industry looking at competing sites and trying to understand more about their market.
Both of the above should get you thinking and begin the idea generation process. The next part is up to you. I mentioned a few ways you can gather inspiration and generate ideas last week, so I won’t list them again here.

Instead I’ll offer some of the questions you should be asking yourself and your client.

What is your client’s brand?
Who are your client’s customers?
What are the requirements for the site?
What is the objective of the site?
What’s the budget for the project?
The answers to each of the above should give you ideas for your design concept.

Check it out

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Experience commercial freedom with BONOFA. Whether through direct contact with customers, networking over the internet or as a Team Leader.

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