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Are You Interested to Know Why Medicine Bottles Are Dark-Colored?

If it’s the first time you’ve thought about this, too, you could probably not remember an instance when your pill bottle has had a clear hue. Indeed, the dark orange medicine bottles you frequently see are intended to shield the pills from the sun’s heat. It works like sunglasses to your eyes. Aside from moisture, heat can affect a medicine’s composition, which can possibly change your drug’s composition and potency. It’s always encouraged to store your medicine bottles in a cool, dry place.

At Maxwell Pharmacy, we have friendly pharmacists who can guide you on proper medication storage.

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Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Can Consult with Our Pharmacists

Does consulting with a pharmacist sound strange to you? Let these reasons change your mind:

• Pharmacists are easily accessible.
• Pharmacists are part of your healthcare team.
• Pharmacists can help explain your doctor’s prescription.
• Pharmacists are knowledgeable and experienced about medicines.
• Pharmacists can provide recommendations on more affordable medications.

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A Quick Fact on First Aid

Is first aid just all about filling your medicine kit always? Right and wrong.

Right, because first aid is about providing medical assistance.

Wrong, because administering first aid also requires the right skills, good judgment, and presence of mind during an emergency.

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Understanding Your Prescription: What Questions Can You Ask Your Pharmacist?

At Maxwell Pharmacy, we have friendly pharmacists who would love to help you achieve your health goals through the right medication and timely adherence. We encourage you to chat with us. We can help shed light on the following concerns:

• What generic options are available for your prescription?
• What are the major side effects to be expected from your prescription?
• What happens when you miss a dose?
• What is the right way of storing your medicines?
• What are helpful ways to do when you’re taking multiple medications?
• What is the best indication it’s time to talk to your doctor?

#Pharmacy #PharmacistConsultation #Prescription
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Polypharmacy: How Can it be Risky for You

Polypharmacy happens when you’re taking more than one medication at the same time. Some medicines contain similar ingredients and this could put you at risk of overdosage. To know what ingredients are in your drugs, talk with our pharmacists.

#Pharmacy #Polypharmacy
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Auto-refill: 4 Benefits

Do you constantly face issues of replenishing your regular medication? This can really be risky as missing on your intake schedule can be detrimental to your health. To help you address this, enroll in a pharmacy’s auto-refill service. Here are the benefits:

• Always available supply of your meds
• Not missing a medication intake schedule
• Free delivery straight to your address
• Medication reminder by pharmacy staff
• Cost-saving as you no longer need to travel for pickup

In your next refill orders, sign up for our auto-refill program.

#AutoRefill #Pharmacy
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Medication Allergy: What Parents Can Do for their Kids

There are medicine ingredients that will trigger allergic reaction to the body. In most cases, children are the likely victims as their immune system is still yet to be strengthened. Before taking a new medication, here are tips to ensure that your kid will not acquire allergic reaction:

• Relay their allergy information with their pediatrician.
• Inform the doctor of their medical history, if any.
• Mention a pre-existing illness that your kid has, if any.
• Inform the pediatrician of your child’s hospital history.
• Provide information on their immunization history.

If you need to clarify the instructions that the doctor provided, you can ask our accommodating pharmacists.

#Pharmacy #Medication #Allergy
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Swallowing Issues: How to Assist Your Child

Is your kid struggling to swallow their medication? For reasons only your child can answer, swallowing problems can be risky as they might not get the treatment needed. To help them swallow their meds, here are tips you can do:

• mix their drugs with their favorite drink or food
• break down the pill into powdery form
• explain how the medicine can make them feel better
• cheer for their attempt and success
• consult your doctor for possible compounded drug

Don’t hesitate to chat with our friendly pharmacists if you have concerns about your kid’s prescriptions.

#pharmacy #medication #swallowingproblems
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Vitamins for the Whole Family

Let us help you ensure that the whole family is receiving their daily vitamin requirement. Talk with our friendly pharmacists so you can be guided on the dosage requirements.

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Why Have a First-aid Kit at Home

Even if you don’t want emergencies to happen, they do occur. In these instances, your first line of defense is first aid. Minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes happen to kids who are naturally active. You can also get cough and cold, and even fever. These minor issues can be treated by drugs that are considered first-aid. If you need to replenish your first-aid kit, visit us at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. You can also contact us online and we can deliver your orders free of charge.

#firstaid #pharmacy
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