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For those of you who don't already know, I started a petition.  I started a petition attempting to stop bullfighting.  I do not think many people are aware of how, in my opinion, barbaric this sport is.  Matadors (the people fighting the bull)  shove decorated wooden spears into the neck of an innocent bull, and they do this until it either dies from the spears, or dies from ramming itself into the walls attempting to "catch" the cape.  The reason I started this petition is because I never knew how cruel this so called "sport" was.  I doubt I am alone, but as a kid I would joke around saying ole! as I held a dog or cat toy and moved it away right as they charged it. And I have seen lots of people doing this, and I hope if they knew what actually happened they wouldn't.  I found out about it on Saturday while talking to my group at a marine biology class (through Saturday academy).  That night I research and was angry as to how disrespectful to the bull they were, and made it die a slow  painful death.  As soon as I found that out I knew that I needed to change something.  I was wondering how when I remembered that Frannie had shared something via to try and make coding a class in Oregon colleges.  So I went the sight, made an account, and figured out how to make a petition.  After doing this I told my family and emailed all my contacts. To my surprise, I woke up to 3 signatures, and then I checked again that night, and had 8!  I was ecstatic that it just kept rising!  This morning my signatures more than doubled! I was at 17, and by now I have 24 signatures.  I contacted some websites that I thought might help.  They said that their business has a no petition signature rule, but sent me a link to a place where I could post it.  I also got an email from a different website, saying that they had put a link to my petition on their website!  All this in less than 48 hours.  I am getting signatures from all over as well!  I have a lot from Oregon, some from California, Quebec, UK, Germany, and even Austria!  But 24 signatures is nowhere near enough for this to be well known, I need your help to post this to social media and sign this yourself!  All you need to do is click the link below and type in your first and last name, and where you are!  As easy as that!  And there are even buttons on the webpage that you can click that share it on twitter facebook and email your contacts.  So here is the link to my petition, my goal by tomorrow morning is 45 signatures! link:
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Maxwell Erickson

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Maxwell Erickson

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Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt
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Chuck Norris could do that in a day
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