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Maxwell Debbas
Video Producer/Actor/Hulkamaniac
Video Producer/Actor/Hulkamaniac

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All that is gold does not glitter. #jrrtolkien #leaves #travels
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Too true

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She sits him down in a stiff chair
Rubs his back and strokes his hair
Telling him it's okay to cry
But he just sits and stares
The merciless moon outside
Has nothing now he's come to realize
Only the desolation he feels
The cold distance inside

But you and I now
We can be alright
Just hold on to what we know is true
You and I now
Though it's cold inside
Feel the tide turning

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late night sunset #amateurartist 

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Gotta hand it to Fresno/Clovis. The Fresno Fire Department, Clovis Fire Department, Clovis PD, and the Pink Heals crew came out to support our friend Karyn in her fight with cancer. Such an uplifting act of kindness and love. Topped the night off with a triple Birthday for Poppa Guy, Kristen and the star of the night, this guy celebrating the big 3! 
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Could you take a 3 minutes of your time and watch? Karyn is a great friend, amazing mom of 5, and is fighting Medullary Thyroid Cancer. She needs help raising funds to reach a clinic that can help treat this rare form of cancer. If you feel called to help, every little bit helps. Thank you all! 
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