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Maxine Harris
Aspiring Graphic Web Developer
Aspiring Graphic Web Developer

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My first certainty in college was that I wanted to be involved with the graphical side of windows / web development, since my heart always called out to the artistic side of life.

Most of my college subjects did not catch my interest, and I did not take much time to experiment with what I learned. Life held many distractions for me at that point, which led to me dropping my college work for a while, and I pursued a freelancing dream.

XAML, HTML and CSS were my strongest programming skills. In the hopes of making a living from creating custom websites for clients, I spent many months researching all I could about running a web design business. During this time, I volunteered to take on 2 website projects, which I still maintain today.

As I broadened my knowledge, my pride was trod deep into the ground when reality hit me: one person could not possibly handle all the tasks of a web firm, and still create quality websites while adhering to deadlines.

I reluctantly threw in the towel, and went back to completing my studies.

My freelance attempt has taught me a lot of things, and I was able to walk away with valuable information and experience, as well as a resolve to join a team, and do my part to make a difference in this world.

My professional setbacks, along with motherhood and challenges with my health, has shown me my identity in Jesus Christ, and it is through Him that I continue to address my undesirable character traits (namely pride). I have also learned how to keep my emotions from affecting my progress, while developing a listening ear and attention to the small details.

I now take one day at a time, drawing on His strength, while I develop my skills as a front end web developer and user experience specialist. I am willing to learn, thorough in my work, and in everything I do, I make sure to think ahead.

My self-driven and perfectionist nature encourages me to go the extra mile while working on a project, and at the same time, I am disciplined to prioritise most important work.


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Thanks to Microsoft Virtual Academy, I now have a couple of extra web developer skills: Node.js, Angular and MongoDB.

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I want to thank pixelflake for making my new banner image possible. Link:

Goodbye Windows 8.1...time to develop universal windows apps in Windows 10.

The credit for my new banner image goes to Alex Bell (

My new Google Plus url:

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I'll always miss you, sweet girl...
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