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I've been using +WhatsApp  for Android a lot lately, and from the first day until now I can't get used to that UI. All in all it's not bad, but it just feels old and not native. (And it features the menu button of shame.)

So, I started on working on a redesign of some parts of the app some weeks ago, using elements of the Holo design language, yet trying to keep close to the branding of it.
Now that +Roman Nurik  mentioned the givaway of some UI Stencils during the latest episode of  Android Design in Action for some proper app redesigns, that gave me the motivation to finish that work.

#AndroidDesign #ADiA
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Tony Owen
Great job... I use WhatsApp all the time and it is in desperate need of a make over
Do i miss some joke here, Roman, Nick? :/

Thanks anyway! :)
Well, then again: Thank you so much.

Your show is awesome! :)
You made an ugly app look great. Good job!
Hope they will adopt at least parts of it.
Providing as in offering a theme switching option for the real app?
Sadly that is not possible, +Alexand Er .

This is only a mock-up, made in Photoshop.
Amazing redesign, congratulations Maximilian!
I really like this concept. We should all send them a mail with this concept xD. Perhaps they will do something about the ugly design whatsapp has at the moment ^^
Great job and suggestion. WhatAss should be ashamed of themselves!!!
Whatsapp has to pay attention to this, i'll start by tweeting about this to them (on twitter).
Great job.
I don't think they care. Stuff like this makes me feel bad, I have been bugging whatsapp twitter account for over a year now for a face lift nothing changed. Great vision for the app nontheless. 
That's why i am trying to move out my frens to GroupMe :)
You have to talk to the WhatsApp team, need this urgent remodeling. Pay no attention to the user Interfas.
+Faisal Bahashwan you never know, maybe this redesign will encourage them and give them ideas on how it gets done
I thought I was the only one who felt the Whatsapp team has neglected its apps design. Maybe they're busy working on a completely new look
Exactly whatsapp redesign your ui
Phenomenal redesign. I actually stopped using WhatsApp because of the design and usability flaws. This would be a welcome change.
I like this look. Whatsapp at the moment looks really terrible to me.
brilliant stuff. Now to push the guys over at +WhatsApp to take notice. Looks awesome.
I sent the an email to with these mockups, telling them I am desperately waiting for them to finally update to a Holo-compliant interface.

I hope more people do so...
+Bouke Timbermont Great idea, just did the same! The more people that get behind this, the quicker we will see the results.
Do you by any chance have a modded APK with these resources included instead of the default ones? Would love to have it.
Fair enough. Complete overhauls are always better than patchwork redesigns.
I just heard from WhatsApp and they say they are working on their own Holo-redesign, and told me it looks MUCH better than this mock-up... I'll believe it when i see it tbh. The current app looks like shit and they almost never update the damn thing.
amigo quiero descargar tu whatsapp no puedes dejar el enlace de descarga se ve muy bueno tu trabajo y me gustaria probarlo en mi android
I downloaded your friend can not leave whatsapp download link looks very good your work and I would like to try it on my android
Will definitely use this when it's done. It looks bloody amazing
looks awesome, whatsapp desperately needs to update their UI!
Great job, I use Whatsapp all the dang time, and being welcomed by this UI would be relief :D
Hi, Maximilian. I liked but why you have the necessity to be inside of an operative system if you are inside an app? Maybe could be an amateur question buy if you could answer, would be great. Thanks!
Tremendous! I hope Whatsapp eventually adopts the Holo design!
Hope we'll see it one day implemented. But I'm not optimistic
Do it quick! ! I desperately need to have all these features make over! ! Quick! 
Now that looks amazing. Great work 
Wow that`s awesome, we should start a social media shitstorm on the WhatsApp developers :D 
But jokes aside I will also write on their Twitter account, you never know, the only thing that we can do is to try but it is true that WhatsApp is indeed ugly and outdated when it comes to the design. 
Max Max
Looks great! Great design
Love the copy and paste features. 
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