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It would be so nice if Google+ would somehow group those reshared posts. My feed shows the exact same post 4 times in a row, which is annoying.

I know that this is no trivial thing to do, as every reshare can also be reshared. Maybe some threaded layout could be used, where every reshare gets indented one more step. I did a quick mockup of this in Photoshop.

This could also make it necessary that the parent post(s) must be shown in the timeline, even if those accounts aren't circled. But in my opinion that wouldn't be a bad thing, as the "_comment on the original post_"-request would already be much more obvious by itself.

Any opinions on that?
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Who else thinks the SwipeRefreshLayout isn't optimal in combination with the overlay (=translucent) mode of the ActionBar?

The image on the left shows what happens when you open a profile page on the new Google+ app. But if you manually refresh the same page, the right screen appears.

If you ask me, there are two problems here:

1. This is inconsistent. I don't want two different results when the same task is executed, be it automatically or manually.

2. The animated bar should never float around, but stick to an edge. It looks pretty awesome, tucked below the ActionBar, as the ActionBar hovers above the rest of the layout. It is the one element in each app that is always there, its main pillar.
That makes it only logically that the animated bar is below it, letting it be the second element in the views ui/ux hirarchy.
A translucent ActionBar is still there, true, but the user may not know that. If for him, the ActionBar is gone, the animated bar takes its place in the ui/ux hirarchy, leaving it only one place where I'd expect it to be: At the top edge of the screen.

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Damn, this is hard...

I just scored 17 on Fatbird Falling. Beat that!

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My current Android wallpaper is 'Study Hall' - The photo of the day of February 24, 2014 on #Muzei #NationalGeographic

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I just pushed version 1.1 of my National Geographic photo of the day plugin for #Muzei  to the play store.

With it you can see the entire image description of the current photo within the app. Just one click on "About this photo" in the overflow menu away.

Get it on

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I just open sourced my National Geographic photo of the day plugin for #Muzei  on #github  .

Get the app on Google Play:

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I just published my version of National Geographic photo of the day for Muzei to the Play Store.
I'm aware that there already exists a plugin for that, but it lacks an import feature to me: There is no way to just always display the newest photo of the day.

My app can do that. You can also share your wallpaper, just like with the original Muzei feed. Other features are the widely spread only update on Wi-Fi and set update interval.

I will upload the source code to Github, soon.
Also big thanks to +Roman Nurik for his awesome app.

Let me know what you think about it.

#Muzei   #NationalGeographic  

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I just discovered that OS X supports the Playstation 3 wireless controller via Bluetooth out of the box (unlike Windows, afaik).

Makes an awesome combo with OpenEmu.
In order to use it, fetch the source from and compile it with Xcode.

Just out of curiosity: Does anyone know if that's the same case with the Xbox 360 controller on OS X?

#openEmu #DualShock3 #OSX  

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Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly.

Freshly released app by a company with a revenue of $14 billion in 2011. I just don't understand...

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The pro features of the absolutely lovely app Expense Manager by +Markus Hi  will today be unlocked for free, if downloaded via Google Play.

You won't get anything close as good with its perfect Holo interface, nice animations and a superb usability.
So, go get it if you haven't already! :)

#android     #deal  
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