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If you ever wanted to proof or disprove god's existence, this is your chance to contribute.
GoedelGod - Formalizations of Gödel's Ontological Proof of God's Existence
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Well, that's one way to get a cast of an ant colony.
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Given that there way more ants in the world than humans, I think this is defendable. I would not be surprised if there were more ant colonies than humans.
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8 years of prison for sending someone a copy of a Master's thesis.
Good times we live in...
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"Boss, we don't have enough funding left for low orbit experiments."
"Well, we could also synthesize our molecules while fucking skydiving."
Skydiving jump from a helicopter shows that gravity controls the size of MOFs 
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>> I’m relieved. My liberal comrade did not commit a racial slur.
“I did call him fat, though,” he admits, then dashes back over to the kid, hisses, “Why don’t you make your waistline great again?,” and slips away into the crowd. <<
At the candidate’s rallies, a new understanding of America emerges.
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TL;DR: Better not upgrade to WIN10

MS thinks it's clever and does the Windows 10 upgrade over night so you wake up to a new OS in the morning. Nice surprise that happened to me today and one I really did not need before the first coffee.

I noticed yesterday at 2 am (yes I was very late with going to sleep) that Windows 7 suddenly shut down. But instead of turning off there suddenly was a "Preparing your update to Windows 10..."  line popping up, quite shockingly.

Ultimately I went to sleep anyway, because what could happen? Nicely upgraded system, I had been thinking about it for a while anyway. What I woke up to was... interesting, to say the least. A bunch of my friends already told me that some devices (especially bluetooth and USB devices) wouldn't work with W10. Those and some more stories made me hold back on the upgrade.

Well, what I got was:
- no sound
- only some very rudimentary VGA drivers, not upgradable
- no ethernet connection possible
- no administrator rights
(those are only the most prominent issues with the whole thing, there were a lot more)

After fiddling around for one hour with trying to get stuff to work I gave up. Somehow I actually managed to run the "Win7 Revert" without administrator rights (nice job on getting the thing with administrator privileges correct this time, MS).

Back in Windows 7, everything was the same. Except:
- no ethernet connection possible (see above)

I fixed that within another hour (googling it reveals thousands of other users with those problems since Dec/Jan, also good job getting this shit under control, MS).

So what I learned is:
a) MS cannot update its system flawlessly but forces the update onto users without getting explicit consent.
b) MS cannot write a tool that restores an old image onto a modified one

So, in short: MS has not advanced since Windows ME, surprise.
Changing the computer without consent from the user is likely illegal.

The remaining question is: will the EU act before or after all Windows installations are automatically updated?
Microsoft's attempts to get everyone on Windows 10 intensifies as it begins to auto-schedule PCs to upgrade to the new OS.
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Looks pretty amazing. I wish they could've hidden the legs a bit better.
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The first time I found a very interesting article on Quora.
Talks about the conception that trump is intelligent and that he'll be powerless in office.
Brad Porter's answer: So, I wasn’t initially going to answer this and often try to avoid Trump questions - not always successfully - but after reading through the answers, I feel compelled to. I am going to cheat a little and give you two distinct misconceptions, but I’ll lump them into one. The...
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For Germans:
Diese Petition zeichnen! Und... nein, man kann da eigtl. nicht anderer Meinung sein.
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Ich bitte euch ja sehr selten sowas, aber diese Petition ist wirklich wichtig. Es geht u.a. um die Rechte behinderter Menschen und die Wahlfreiheit, nicht gegen ihren Willen in ein Heim abgeschoben zu werden.
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Completely free of any chemical elements.
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Bette Nash, 80, is a flight attendant.
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I can see how big publishers will make a case for themselves out of this.

"Open Access means your privacy will be hurt."
"Open Access is uncontrollable and dangerous."

Of course no matter that there is a thick line to draw between open science and ethics. But who cares about those miniscule details...

Let's add to the fact that this "journal" where he submitted his research is his own. He is the editor... This is all kinds of broken. : )

via +Christian Buggedei 
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I'm a wombat.
Wombats are awesome, your mileage may not differ.
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