I've been going back and forth with +Aaron Griffin this week about WFRP. I started thinking about it after playing Rolemaster with +Lowell Francis and enjoying the d100 system. I was reading the 2nd edition rulebook and then I went through about 3 iterations of this hack. The first two were much closer to the WFRP ruleset, but then they just seemed like insufficient versions of WFRP. This version feels like it might be fun, share a little overlap, but is also pretty distinct.


Second edition cheat sheet https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y0vhakSRPVp2BZ_5HQckEaAJ1jLDeHbVIb0ikM05Fyw/edit?usp=sharing

d100 Hack Version 1

d100 Hack Version 2
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