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Dissapointed that Bing has chosen a questionable service like Klout when Kred, PeerIndex and even SEOmoz Followerwonk Authority score are much more transparent.
Hmmmm I think they're almost as bad as each other -- with Kred being my least favourite for thinking it could join the party so unimaginatively and cynically that far in. More of a personal dislike of it though I guess.
Good point Max.  Bing and Klout though, seriously?  I think that we are still in a world with too many social solution sellers peddling 'snake-oil'. Great concept, but nothing that still quantifies influence in it's true sense.  Somehow and for what it's worth I do think that Google's moves are interesting and under the radar with regards to AuthorRank.  It's a case of slowly, but surely IMO. :)
Yes. I'd say you've read this right. I always found the idea that G+ was an additional social layer to the web (that would feed into search) more convincing than "a [late] competitor for Facebook".

Do you have +Mark Hodson and +Paul Dow in your circles? They are both good on this stuff, Authorship and the like, and active on here. You should think about adding them.
Cheers for the tips +Donald Strachan -- and yeah, the bizarre thing about G+ is the company keeps telling people it's not as simple as a Facebook emulator but people just take that as making excuses rather than listening.

Fascinating stuff and I hope evidence like this starts to turn a few lore heads...
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