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Success! 122 miles giving a total of just under 106,000 steps. Out to Hull following the national cycle route 66 out (via Market Weighton and The Wolds) and route 65 back (along the Humber and via Selby). 8h43' in the saddle.
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Mission 100,000 steps tomorrow... Aiming for about 110 miles on my bike and hoping not to have to go for a run afterwards!

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Okay, so Google now lets me search my photos for things. I type cake and it shows my pics with cake in them; spoons gets me one with spoons in it. The photos aren't tagged in any way. Very cool. And I'm officially scared!

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Amazing cake from +Vicky Wilkie! Cake in the office is always a good thing. Thanks, Vicky!

From Northern Rail's cycle policy:

"Northern is strongly committed to promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport that complements our train service. [...] Bikes are carried free of charge at any time and you don't need to [i.e. you can't!] make reservations. [...]
We can only carry a maximum of two bikes per train but conductors [...] have the right to refuse entry if the train is busy."

To be fair to Northern, this is generally the case with any operator (apart from not being able to reserve). However, this is hardly a useful situation for anyone needing a reliable journey with their bikes. - "Bring your bike, if you're lucky you'll be able to take it with you! Oh, and tough luck if you've got more than one friend or colleague."

I wonder what it will take for the transport network to really change?

Nice of Skeldergate Espresso to open a cafe in the perfect place to wait for Helen to leave work! Nice coffee too!

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I might be a bit late this morning...

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Has anyone got experience of using Amazon Glacier or Cloudberry for backups? I'm currently using Acronis Online to do automated backups of my laptop. It's renewal time, so I'm looking at alternatives and am considering using Cloudberry ( with Glacier as a cheaper(?) alternative. It mainly looks like a no brainer, but the costs for full restores are confusing.

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My kind of cafe.

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I was at the Trefriw Woolen Mill over the weekend and spotted this letter on a wall. It shows a great glimpse of industrial life at home during WWII and was obviously written by quite a character. "Of course the various flying devices sent over by the enemy have not made things easier."

Here's a transcript:

Imperial Buildings,
56 Kingsway, W.C.

27th April, 1945

Dear Mr Williams,

Thank you for your letter of the 28th March
I really must apologise for the delay in replying, but would explain that the letter was placed on my desk whilst I was absent from the office and as the absence extended over a few days it became buried in a pile of drawings.

The present position as regards manufacture is that we are well nigh swamped with work placed with us by the Ministry of Supply and destined for Russia and until these turbines have been cleared off it is very difficult for us to take on other work. However we are hoping that most of the Russian jobs will be through within the next three or four months, and I for one will not be sorry to see the going of them.

Now as regards the re-building of your first turbine I think I can say with every degree of certainty that  we should be in a position to tackle the job in about six months' time. I'm sorry that it is not possible to give you a better promise but what with the Ministry of Supply giving us orders and the Ministry of Labour taking away men at the same time, we have had a very hectic time these last few years and really we have done remarkably well to have got through.

Of course the various flying devices sent over by the enemy have not made things easier but I am glad to say that we all managed to keep clear of harm. We have had bombs, flying bombs and rockets all fairly close but none succeeded in upsetting the office for more than an odd day or two.

Kind regards to you and all friends at Trefrew.

Yours very sincerely

M Kennelly [?]

T. E. Williams Esq.,
Vale of Conway Woolen Mills,
TREFRIW. North Wales.
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