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Max Sobol
I build businesses.
I build businesses.

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If you can't beat 'em, you didn't want to. #startups

"What I do ain't make-believe, People say I sit and try, But when it comes to being De La, It's just me myself and I" ~ Dove

No such thing as a part time entrepreneur. #startups

I walked in to a RadioShack...

Authorial aspirations on a copy/paste budget only make you popular for a glorious millisecond. #startups

A quarter-ass effort by a half-ass employee is always your fault. #startups

Big spike in ratings for MSNBC lasting a minute after people finally found the channel.

Dear blizzard, don't f@ck with my Internet. #startups

99% of your devices update time automatically but my wife will still call and remind you. #2017
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