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Can you remember when cat could sleep on the TV?
Well, now it won't even fit in the box :)

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Yeah :) And this particular cat also should be asking "does this box make me look fat?"
Well... to be fair, that box would make many adult cats look fat. ;) Kittens would fit, though....
Ken D..
pack full of kittens. ship to distant location :) :) :)
hmmmm, thinking about it... perhaps instead of using styrofoam to
protect the corners of electronic devices in such boxes, kittens could be used instead for their shock absorbing abilities :)
+Ken D.. Naw, I'm for cruelty-free shipping. Plus how'd you put a litter box in there? Otherwise your new tv will be ... dirty
Ken D..
but kittens are biodegradable, unlike that nasty styrofoam :)
You don't want to let the pack of fresh kittens to degrade in your apartment!
Better idea - go Cruella de Vil and use puppy pelts for packing. ;)
Ken D..
kittehs are way better shock absorbers :) puppy pelts just would not be suitable for the task. not at all... ;)
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