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Heh. Portland got sued due to their idiotic attempt to save taxi industry, which, in the process, almost bankrupted two companies that offered Groupon (yet another sign that Groupon doesn't do any check for local regulations, idiotic though they may be)
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After reading about small businesses nearly bankrupted when hundreds of "bottom-seeking" customers appeared with Groupons, I'm not too sympathetic. Taxi and limo fares are pretty heavily regulated in most cities, to protect the incomes of the drivers and/or companies.
Are fare regulations that much worse than other types of protectionism, such as tariffs and patents? In a truly free market, people would be allowed to buy cheap iPhone knock-offs falsely labeled as "Apples". Somehow, Reagan's anti-government stance didn't get into situations where the government protected incumbent business players.
It's not that much worse, but blanket "no less than $$ to airport" limitations seem to be pretty much anti-consumer
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