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Max Siegieda
Interested in computers, digital music, the designs of just about everything. Possibly mad.
Interested in computers, digital music, the designs of just about everything. Possibly mad.

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old computer setup oil cooling
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Needs more wub! Also volume! Video kinda NSFW since it includes boobs for no reason I can think of.

Noisia - Split the Atom (Official Video)

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How do you improve vintage postcards? With Photoshop!

Nothing improves old postcards like the addition of aliens and sci-fi.

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Giveaway: Samsung Stratosphere - Android smartphone with 4G LTE, Super AMOLED, and 5-row QWERTY :)

To participate in the giveaway:
1/ add us +PhoneArena to your circles
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We will draw the winner on 7th of December.

Please Share the post to participate. We will not count +1 or comments, as these seem to be limited in number and not everybody can participate.

killed the camera, now it's back up (not sure why). Next problem is I can't install android as libqtm-12 is throwing up dependency issues galore which are interfering with everything that involves installing anything

N900's arrived, happy times! Already discovered I need to do something weird to get it to actually charge while plugged in

ugh Wanted more animations in ubuntu to make it prettier, ended up killing Unity in 3D. 2D mode is still fine, unsure how to fix this :P

The end of the october half term holidays is looking to be pretty hectic. Got a Turisas gig on the 29th and (assuming the town hall is willing) my birthday part on the 30th. I think that means two nights of heavy drinking and then only the sunday evening to recover.

Gaming PC dead, suspect PSU failure. Idk whether I want to get a new PSU (and if I'm wrong have to replace a lot more expensive hardware) or give up and save for a Dell XPS 17 laptop for uni
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