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If you need to test web pages to see if they are "locale-adaptive", feel free to use this tool:

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SEO for JavaScript heavy clients can be difficult. We'll be joined by Googler +John Mueller who works on the Webmaster Central team as well as (possibly) +Adam Audette, +Jody O'Donnell, and +Max Prin. They'll give us some insights on what we can do to make our Angular apps more accessible to Search Engines and as a result, improve page rank in search results.

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Here's the TL;DR of what we found by testing Googlebot and JavaScript:

1. Google can execute and then follow many, many different types of js links.

2. Google can execute and follow several types of js redirects, and the result is similar to how a 301 updates the index and preserves rank.

3. Google can read the DOM and then index dynamically inserted content.

4. Google can read meta data inserted in the DOM, such as rel canonical tags, robots noindex tags, and meta descriptions. We even inserted structured data dynamically and it resulted in rich snippets in Google's SERP.

These tests were designed and executed by the +Merkle SEO technical team led by +Jody O'Donnell and +Max Prin 

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