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I see location results too (only on desktop now).
I purposely tried "Seattle Troll location" and not "Fremont Troll location" and Google 1) knew what I was talking about and 2) gave me the exact location. Sweet!

Google Testing Location Answer Box
Spotted by +Pete Meyers. Blogged by +Mike Blumenthal:

I like this feature (+Philip Rozek ;) ) because of how many times I just need the address when I search.

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There are a lot of variations:  large addresses being one of them.  Mike's blog turns up some very inappropriate one's in my book.  I looked up some people in the world of sports with different types of searches.  Some have just the name, some the name and a reference from wikipedia, some have references from recent articles.    There is a good bit of variety in how they show.  Some of +Mike Blumenthal 's examples are pretty grotesque imho.

What is the purpose of laying a large address over more information which includes that address?  Just to change the way all serps look, including those wherein they can entice ads from ever more entities who see their organic positions driven further down???
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