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gmail's down.

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Aliens 3 screenplay by William Gibson. Enjoy.

Interesting self-experiment at speed-listening: playing an audiobook at 3x, I can "parse" what it says, the sentences make sense, but I cannot recall what was said. Seems like enough time for comprehension, not enough for memory storage. At 2x, things work fine. Will try to slowly progress from 2 to 3, see if memory can be trained.

Contagion was really well done. Raises a practical question: if there was a pandemic, what would be your survival strategy?

Looks like MS have been busy: Microsoft Windows 8 for Tablets - Detailed Demonstration. Apple, your turn.

Few things as ironic as an invalid beggar "Good Morning, God Bless"es everyone.

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This is VERY nice, clearly Apple has some catching up to do here.

HTC Scribe Technology Demonstration
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