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The latest #F1 circle of true Formula one fans
Remember we are in Barcelona now, hence European hours so we can all watch the race at the same time now. Please share it to see if we can collect more fans.

Let´s turn G+ into a place to share our interests: an F1 community
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If you don´t want to be notified please + this comment and you will be removed.
If at the other hand you would like to be notified plus this one
Just noticed the people I was calling were both in the circle. You're gonna have to block me again, +Max Huijgen.
FINALLY A FRIGGEN SHARED CIRCLE I AM ALREADY IN!!!. It is about GD time. JK, sorry for the swear.
Nice! Will add tomorrow :)
Count me in. Interesting season so far :)
i won't be able to start a F2 race hangout this time ... it's my oldest daughter's birthday party on sunday ... can somebody else please step in? ... thx! ... ;-) ...
Cool, added - and suddenly have a lot more in my circles :-D I'll miss the race this weekend though, so I won't get to see what McLaren are doing with their nose.
Going to miss the race this weekend being away. Will try to keep up with updates.
I have added a few new people who commented here. I don´t have time now to check all the reshares, but try to get people who want to be in the circle to make a short comment here.
got to love Google+ as a great mechanism for community forum ;)
not a lot of people reacting on the surprising results of the qualification. Searching on F1 didn´t show up comments on the amazing performance of Maldonado.
thanks ;)
if anyone adds me from here,please could you let me know or +1 this comment so I know to add you to my F1 circle ;)
Max i saw a poop storm right after. i have two posts (not mine) that have had about 30 people fighting back and forth. I just don't think they are doing it in the circle?. People are steamed i love it.
+Hannah Roberts if you added the whole circle yourself and named it F1 circle (or what i do and add the name of the sharer to it) then everyone would automatically show up as ´Circling back from F1 circle Max´ No need to notify then.
+Max Huijgen I have done, and it works, I just meant those from outside the circle who add it :-)
Thanks for including me. I didn't post my usual live chat thread this weekend but it will return in 2 weeks time for Monaco. Can't wait. I'll be watching both qualifying and race. :-)
Yay I'm in it too!

But apparently I've hit the daily circle limit. Can only add about 100 folks and that warning comes up. LOL what's the point of a social network. Ahh well.

I'll add you guys tommorow.
Thanks guys. And Hello everyone!

Here's to a smashing F1 season! (It can't get any better can it?!)
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