Loosing track of you followers: you can´t see if someone circled you!
You used to see a small icon to the right of someone´s name, but it disappeared today. So now our last possibility to see who has circled you has gone.

If you read the attached post you will see that if you have more than 8-10K followers there is just no way left to know if someone has circled you. The user interface just stops after a number of ´Show more´

There has always been an alternative to the UI, the trick I describe in the attached post, to just enter https://plus.google.com/u/0/_/socialgraph/lookup/followers/?m=1000000 but like I said on April 6th it´s now limited to a text file with no more than 10K followers whatever the number you use for m in the string above.

*Do you feel you are entitled to know who is following you or is it none of your business and is it up to Google to decide if you can see your followers?

After writing the below post which got about 100 comments I have contacted people from Google in charge of G+, on the limitation on the number of followers and I was promised a reaction (*). It´s now more urgent than ever!

(*)I don´t mention their names as it´s no use bombarding people publically
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