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Loosing track of you followers: you can´t see if someone circled you!
You used to see a small icon to the right of someone´s name, but it disappeared today. So now our last possibility to see who has circled you has gone.

If you read the attached post you will see that if you have more than 8-10K followers there is just no way left to know if someone has circled you. The user interface just stops after a number of ´Show more´

There has always been an alternative to the UI, the trick I describe in the attached post, to just enter but like I said on April 6th it´s now limited to a text file with no more than 10K followers whatever the number you use for m in the string above.

*Do you feel you are entitled to know who is following you or is it none of your business and is it up to Google to decide if you can see your followers?

After writing the below post which got about 100 comments I have contacted people from Google in charge of G+, on the limitation on the number of followers and I was promised a reaction (*). It´s now more urgent than ever!

(*)I don´t mention their names as it´s no use bombarding people publically
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Noze P.
oh i just noticed that its not showing up on profiles anymore... its getting really annoying
I wonder why they chose to take that away....not that I used it all that much....but it did come in handy a couple of times. Usually when tracking someone who is "stealing" others work....If they followed me....I needed to go look through the stolen images....if not I can relax (and block them) Now I would have to look through every image no matter what.....NOT COOL! I really do want a way to know if someone is following me or not....and this is just one of my reasons. :D
Noze P.
i just don't understand why it should be hidden, like its some national secret file....
Apparently the missing icon is a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

+Thomas Morffew that is nice.....but having to go scroll through 25,000 people to see if someone is there...instead of going to their profile and seeing a little icon....I would rather they have just left the icon alone.
This is simply not good. They're making it harder every time to look up your circles and followers.
agree that you should be able to see this. There is no point in hiding it. Openness has always been a fundamental part of G+ Of course, when you've only got three people following you anyway (who, me?) it's not really an issue!
+Brian Titus how do you know it´s a bug. I have seen the question in the email group, but the answer was not by a Google employee or was it?
+LaDonna Pride you can´t scroll through 25k people. The UI just stops like I describe in this and my linked post.
Noze P.
can't and kinda (personally) don't have the time either.
+Max Huijgen I may have spoken too soon. You're right, not a Google employee.

I'm going to assume it's a bug though, because it's too important to just remove! :)
Some people are really interested in their followers and would like to know where they come from and so. Without any information you are clueless.
If twitter would hide your followers there would be an outcry +Peter C.M. Klein
I hope it's a bug or that something new is coming; it was a really useful feature to have.
+Thomas Morffew that "kind of" works....but I asked it to look for someone I know isn't following me....and it did not find them. So I do not know what algorithm they are using for this page....but it doesn't necessarily work.
Mixed feelings about it. It's really annoying but I tend to like it for some reason.
It kind of levels the way I interact. There's the followers I remember, and then there's the people I don't remember. The "excuse" you didn't not circle me... is gone. I interact as if they circled me and I think this is a good thing.
When i come to really think of it - "we're all neighbors." circled or not.
+Thomas Morffew it works...."kind of" not completely...I tested it a couple of ways both people who do follow and people who don' found most of the followers, but none of the don't follows.
Same here, I also miss incoming stream. I would alos like to see how many of the people who were following me and just disappeared where spammers and who has just given up on seeing my stream ;)
Tragedy! I can't prove that +Pitbull has me in his circles any more.

On a more serious note - I really hope that it is either a bug or that they've removed it in order to introduce something even better.
I'm not saying that I never used the feature, but I must admit it is/was not a deal-breaker to me.

I like knowing whether follows me back or not sometimes, but in the greater scheme of things I can live without it.

As for the "improvements" +Alizée Rait, I'm pretty happy with the way G+ works following the re-design. I still have the feeling that it is very much a works-in-progress though.
The whole system needs a serious refurbishing in the notifications too we can say that the way it is handled now It sucks!
Dennis tell us some more( I need to interview you)
+Max Huijgen I add any one who follows me now a days to an Incoming circle with zero volume and watch them there in "quarantine" before selecting people for promotion
+Max Huijgen I started building a circle analyses desktop app a while ago, by changing the m parameter in your query I managed to get info from +- 8800 circlers. (But that still leaves me 1000 missing) I've used 0 or -1 with the most promising results.

Btw. you are one from those that doesn't showup anymore under Have you in circles , I've managed with some magic circle fu to identify some 350! from the missing ones!
I'm glad this is gone. If I share public, then I've obviously made the decision to share publicly. It also takes the pressure off, with people expecting recripocal circling, which is numerically impossible and beside the point of the experience here. Why get so caught up in if someone has circled you? If you like what they share, circle 'em, if not,, then don't.

Taking this kind of thing too seriously might be an indicator that it's time to get off the internet and do something fun IRL for a little while! :)
+Thomas Morffew Not a huge deal? It went from a simple mouse click to have to go to a different page and searching for a person for each one. Yeah, it's a huge deal.
+Claude Rieth yes the list is not complete. Some people seem to miss the point that access to your follower list was already blocked before if you have more than 8-10K followers. I have run experiments together with people having well above the million followers and all they get is a list comparable in length to mine.
The UI to check people is not correct in reporting as well, so all that was left was the little icon which is gone as of today.
+Richard Muscat Azzopardi Some people with a large amount of followers still want to engage in the best way possible so they use for instance Map My followers from +CircleCount to see from what areas they come, but again it will only map up to 10K followers due to limitations in G+
+Able Lawrence the moment you cross the boundary of 5000 followers this is no longer possible. You can only follow 5K, so reciprocal following is impossible.
+Max Huijgen There might be some unknown paging parameters in the query, paging it would at least technically make sense.

Concerning the little icon, I believe its a glitch and think they are changing something under the hood. If it's not, and it has been done on purpose, it's a pretty bold move and I'm curious to see how it turns out!
+Alizée Rait I fully agree. I see the platform as a provider, not the owner of your relations, but apparently not everybody agrees. Some people plead that as Google is a free service you can´t expect things back. Again, if Twitter would hide your followers from you I´m sure it would cause an uproar.
I think it is very important to understand who you are 2-way connected with, especially when organizing circles. I have a small circle of people that I occasionally target posts to, and even notify once in a while. I need to know who I'm connected with there, so that I can be sure I'm not just talking to the wind when I post.
Yip +Brian Titus and let´s say you´re bilingual and most of your followers are Spanish while you post mostly in English you would like to change that based on the information about your followers.
Just an example.
Strange btw that I get: Claude Rieth, Able Lawrence, Brian Titus and 1 other mentioned you in a photo. - 15:00
A photo?
+Max Huijgen I just posted a screenshot from a post with the greyed out word Hook in it... magic things are happening!
It looks like we are heading in the direction of activity streams by the way. There are several signs now of experiments going on +Claude Rieth Addressable comments were high on the list just like activity streams. Maybe we are close to it and will find it in the whitespace.
+Max Huijgen Yesterday I had a glimpse at a comment who started with a token like /sub: before that token disappeared and the comment was normally readable, this might be a sign that we'll get threaded comments maybe ?
+Max Huijgen Earlier this week the small avatar of the profil that shows under a post when someone + 1 was gone for a day also
+Claude Rieth People are using conventions like that without any special support in G+. For example:

/cc +Max Huijgen
to just say I am cc'ing him, but there isn't any special support. /sub just says the only reason for that comment is so you will get notifies of later activity (assuming you have that set) on the thread.
if i were handling this at +Google+ i'd open it up for suggestions or recommendations right here before they make any changes, not make them and wait for a reaction, violent or otherwise.
I think there are a couple of things going on here. First, I am still seeing the little icon indicating whether someone is following me - but, the only place I can find it is by going to the person's actual profile page. It is not visible from one of their posts. You have to actually click through to their page, and then you will find it. I would appreciate others of you checking to confirm that this is true for you as well.

Second - something very strange is happening around the way notifications on circling is happening. There's a shift that seems to have happened just over this last week or so. I'm going to do a little investigating. It's actually something I was going to post on later today, +Max Huijgen. Will follow up if I figure it out....
I can confirm I can´t see this +Gideon Rosenblatt
Good to hear that +Dave Besbris confirmed this is a bug. Now I would like to hear what the status of the limit on no. of followers visible is. Bug or intentional?
I will also confirm that I do not see this even when I am on the actual profile page
This is why we can't have nice things...
Very interesting change, especially since we wanted to "use" this icon for an update of our extension ;)

As a page you can still see the information if someone has circled you in the "add to circles" button. This is grayed out if you are not circled by that person and clickable (or already set to "in x circles" when you are following that person).
+Gideon Rosenblatt I no longer see it on someone's profile page. I am looking at +Gene Bowker's profile page. Gene, am I in your circle? I know that I am!! Yet, there is no icon on his page to indicate so.

I decided on Tuesday that I must find a way to limit my time on G+. The way, I decided, to do this is to create a circle that contains people who: 1) appreciate my work; and/or 2) have circled me back. I do not intend to uncircle anyone, only to spend the bulk of my G+ time in that new circle. Now thanks to this destruction of a useful tool, the circle creation will be far more cumbersome!!

Google+ is getting to be worse about destruction of usefulness than Facebook is about destruction of privacy! If something isn't broke, don't fix it!
I can see it when I click on a person's name to go to their page, but if I click on a post I don't.
Oh, I hope it is just a bug, +Gene Bowker! I don't use it often, but when I want it, I want it! I don't think I should have to use multiple screens to go to my circles to see if someone has circled me. You know, on Facebook, all you have to do is hover over a name to see a relationship. Hmmm, Facebook is more on top of things than Google? Really?
Other than subscriptions, you have to both friend each other on FB though. Here I can circle people I and not have to worry about them approving me. Or vice versa. Just because I find someone interesting doesn't mean they find me interesting too.
OK. Now, I'm not seeing it either. Something strange is happening and I know I was seeing those little icons (again, just on the actual profile page), just yesterday morning on a couple of profiles I was looking at. But now that I think about it, there were a few people who I looked at because I got circling notifications from them - and didn't see the icon. This is weird.
+raymond samson I meant the button where you can put someone in your circles, and I meant it only if you are looking on a profile with your Google+ page and not your personal profile.
Read the comments earlier in this thread, the problem is known, Dave Besbris has confirmed that the icon should be there!
But +Clare Cosgrove even when the little icon gets back you still have to trace manually who is following you as the ´in your circles´ doesn´t list them all when you have more than 8-10.0000 followers.
+Clare Cosgrove I'm part of the engineering team for Google+. It is indeed just a bug, not on purpose. We're working on it.
Thanks for pointing it out. I remember seeing it recently, but hadn't missed it yet.
As I stated before +Max Huijgen the problem lays more on how +Google+ manages notifications, that is what worries me now more than the followers. If I need an insight on that I just visit +CircleCount and they provide me with the info I need but personally it is not as big an issue as having a more careful and precise connection with all the notifications, some of which get lost in the mayhem of the system as it is structured at the moment. Knowing who follows me in detail doesn't really matter, because those who are really interacting with me will show on my stream constantly, and those are the one who really matter to me..
Noticed that icon was missing this a.m. and am glad to hear it is a bug... to me it provided useful and appropriately discreet feedback; really not just for circle counting but for relationship building with people I'm meeting for the first time thru G+, ... hope to see that icon or similar return soon.
+pio dal cin even +CircleCount can only show you the first 10.000 followers on a map for instance. You could be a huge hit in China without knowing it :)
And of course it´s a matter of principle as well. Why hide the people who have taken the trouble to follow you? I like to see where they come from and I think the service, Google, should not block you from viewing these people. You any opinion on it +Amanda Blain?
I just saw mention that it's a bug, too, +Max Huijgen. I'm crossing my fingers that it gets fixed more quickly than the notification problems...
+Michael O'Reilly the little icon is an official bug. The limitation on seeing the people who circled you is not so far.
+Elle Gray, you can get notified of up to 99 notifications, but the drop-down will only show you 9 of them. If you click "Show all notifications" that gives you a page showing the most recent 15, but if you click on Show More at the bottom it adds notifications from days before. The net result is that if you have more than 15 notifications you can't see all of them.
+Max Huijgen We only show up to 10,000 people in the circle editor. It's been that way since launch. I'll pass along the feedback that you'd like this to be infinite. Thanks.
I would like to see the feature come back. It's like when the took away the incoming stream, removing features sucks.
In fact, even if knowing who has circled you may be handy in certain cases, it shouldn't affect much the content of you posts shared publicly since anyone can read them regardless of you being in their circles or not.
Your circles are just a tool to have quicker access to the new posts of some of the people you're following, but that task could perfectly replaced by the bookmarks feature of your browser.
It'd be much more useful if other people could have the option to ask you to be included in some specific circle to read those posts that you don't want to share publicly.
In my opinion an alternative option to circles would be that you could publicly share another type of post but not included in other people's streams. Instead, they would be only accessible in your profile, like with your albums of photos or your profile, but chronologically arranged like in a blog.
Actually, I'd like that Google integrated a blog to Google+ so we could write longer posts add more photos and links including their thumb pics and captions, and we navigate in it by date, topic, keywords, or using an inner search engine.
+Max Huijgen It is annoying, but they had no choice. We need to make sure that G+ doesn't die altogether. I can imagine that nothing is more discouraging to a "newcomer" to have 5 people circle them when the "early adopters" are all in the 10k-20k range. As you know, people's self-esteem gets caught up in these counts quite quickly. There is no faster way to make them leave the platform than to make them feel bad or disrespected. So - whatever works - for the platform.
Yip +pio dal cin I was aware of the selective notification system. I use it all the time to keep track of mentions as I lose track of private conversations otherwise. They tend to not show up in the general notification circle.
+Max Huijgen that query (and any others that aren't part of our UI flow) are not designed to be used like an API. It wasn't supposed to work for that.
Just to close the circle, this "following icon" is now showing back up for me. Again, it only shows up when you go to the persons's "full profile." Thanks for the clear communications, +Dave Besbris. That kind of stuff matters and is appreciated.
Tnx for the answer +Dave Besbris so it´s the limitation in the UX on which we need to focus although access to more than 10k followers through the UI is cumbersome.

For people who would like to have access to all their followers for all kind of statistical or whatever reasons, a query would be much more effective.
I thought it was just me and it would come back soon, but I'm now awakened to the change! Cheers!
+Michael O'Reilly - is there more background info on this notification bug someplace? Circle notifications have really changed over the last few weeks for me and I'm wondering if it's simply what you're describing. Tks.
My impression is that the notification bug has been going on significantly longer in one form or another, +Gideon Rosenblatt. I believe the Show All Notifications page used to show 12, so the move to 15 is an improvement. However, it still has the limitation that it won't show you the subsequent set of notifications when you ask it to show more.
you seem to be mixing several issues +Gideon Rosenblatt +Michael O'Reilly
Circle notifications changed to summary notifications over the last few weeks from what I hear. I only got these a week ago. You get to see the most relevant to you and ´others´ without knowing who.
The show all notification page +Michael O'Reilly describes is not clear to me. I can go back and see as many circle notifications as I want.
Here's my sense - and I haven't gone through this in depth, so it's still rough...say I have a day with a 100 people adding me - when I go look at the page of circle notifications, I'm not seeing anywhere near that number. There is the first screen of 10 and then after that it's pretty much just people who I've already circled, who are circling me back. This is badly broken...
+Max Huijgen, I just went to my Show All Notifications page and it had the most recent 15. I went to the bottom of the page and selected View More. That added more to the bottom, but the most recent of those was from mid-day yesterday. Ones between that time and newer are not there on the page.
+Gideon Rosenblatt your problem I can´t reproduce. I just checked and I can seemingly endless back with more. I counted 33 ´pages´ op 9/10 people so more than a days worth.
+Michael O'Reilly I tested your scenario. I can find notifications which didn´t receive any updates after April 28 and probably much more, but I gave up there.
Yeah, I'm still seeing it. Today, for example, according to Circle Count, I've had 122 new people circle me, but when I go to the circle notifications page, I see 10 recent followers (who I'm not following). Below that is "These 10 people added you back.". Then, when I click more, it's another "These 10 people added you to their circles." and many are several days old. Where did the 122 from today go? I have no idea.

At the bottom of the notification drop-down, there is this relatively new message now days: "These 2 people also added you. Perhaps someone recommended you to them. If you don't add them back, they'll only see what's shared with them." and if you click the "View all" button it links you to your circle management page with "Not yet in your circles" selected...

Why do I care about this? Because I really try to make a point of looking at the people who follow me. It's one of the important ways I find new and interesting people to follow.

Anyone have any insights on this?
How do you know they are several days old +Gideon Rosenblatt I have no way of checking it.
But anyway we need access to our complete follower list in my view. Not only at notification time (I hate that ´oh and a bunch of others but we won´t show them msg´) but also afterwards in circle management.
+Max Huijgen - I just happen to remember seeing those particular people from several days ago. They actually seem to be stuck there, not changing, despite all the new people who have circled me. There is something definitely wrong here...
The problem is solved regarding the icon. It was something like a glitch:)
Still different from my experience as far as I recall +Gideon Rosenblatt but I will do an experiment to check on it.
Wow, my icon just now returned. I was browsing a few minutes ago and noticed it was still missing. Then it magically appeared. Glad to see I'm still in +Max Huijgen's circles, phew!
ha ha, that must have been that other brian titus, you know, the one who is way less interesting... :)
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