Forget about the Raspberry, take an Android 4 computer on a trip
Portable data? Why not a computer on a dongle. Just plug it into any HDMI television and enjoy games, music and games. Oh, and all Android apps which will work well with the bundled remote.

This smart dongle has everything and is completely open source as opposed to the Raspberry where the GPU is closed. They chose the OMAP 4 instead of the closed source Broadcomm chip. Add a BT keyboard and you have a perfect little pc. As a package much more interesting than the Raspberry.

And it has an LVDS screen which allows to connect a 1920x1080 LCD. I have some old laptops which could be used for a nice DIY project.

As it features an dual A9 ARM it´s much faster than a Raspberry as well. Estimated consumer price from 49$.

The catch: only available for OEM´s so we have to wait for someone to make it available. A real pity as it would be an excellent tool to play around with. Check the specs. It can be powered from an USB port so the TV can be used as the power supply. The dongle comes with a short cable and an USB plug.


TI Dual Cortex-A9 OMAP 4 (1.0 to 1.5GHz)
256MB to 1GB RAM memory
Storage: MicroSD card
HD 1080p H.264 profile 4 video decoding
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth class 2.1
NXP NFC solution
Voice control
Accelerometer-based RF remote control

Are there alternatives? This one should hit the shelves around the summer. Would you chose it over a Raspberry?
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