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There is more than Silicon Valley: meet the European startups circle!
As the founder of +EuroTech I appeal to you to join and spread this circle.

EuroTech wants to cover your stories as it´s our mission to get Europe on the tech map and the startup climate is dear to us.

This is just the first attempt so please share this if you are interested in the European startup world. Ask people and companies who want to join this circle to comment on this post.

If we get to know each other we can network much more efficiently so let´s use G+ to the best and grow this circle. If it´s full we will just create a second circle.

No set criteria to be in: if you are involved in an European startup just say so. If you know people who should be in, mention them to get them to respond. If you have a page on G+, fine as well.

Make a description of your startup: a few lines will suffice with your main activity and the country you are based. We can use this to fine tune future circles per region or activity. Don´t forget to do so if you are already in this circle.

Thanks to +Natasha Starkell who started this project on Facebook. Now let´s get G+ at work to enhance and broaden this circle.

And before you ask: Europe is just the continent. We are all in business and political boundaries are of no importance to get a good network running. Only when we work together in Europe we can improve the startup climate and get the synergy going.

Let´s hope this circle gets some shares and we get to learn each other on G+
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Interesting! At first sight, there seems to be a lot of them from east european countries: is it right? Is there an explanation for it? Are they more prone to take risks?
+EuroTech based in Europe without a fixed base. Publication about European technology and science.
+Rodolphe D'Inca that´s caused by the origin of this circle which was assembled by +Natasha Starkell on facebook. She is very active in the eastern parts of Europe. What I want to do with this initiative is to broaden it and represent the whole of Europe in the best possible way.
Max, Can you add me to the European start up circle please? I’m from Ireland and we are very much a part of Europe!
Could you add me to the circle too please? I think a European focus would be very great (HN is so Silicon-Valley-focussed) - I am a Brit based in #Romania and over the last 13 years have been founder in businesses ranging from leasing to marketing to mortgages - the majority successful :) - and helped out on a couple of others. I am currently half of a team working on a new startup called +memapp in #elearning / #education .
+martin stobbs are there particular advantages to have one's startup in Romania? I assume they have a quite qualified workforce.
+Rodolphe D'Inca In short, yes, Romania is great place for start-ups especially in technology/internet related:

Pros: good infrastructure/fast internet in major cities (I think Bucharest is still in the top 10 worldwide for internet speed), English spoken widely especially in tech and under-40s, quite a few start-ups here, also outsourcing (business processes, IT, call-centers) is huge, low cost of living, there are fantastic programmers if you can find them

Cons: fantastic people are as hard to find here as anywhere else, local market is limited so one needs to aim bigger, once you find and train great people 50% will emigrate (less of a problem now than before), little organised venture capital

There's much more to say and I promise to reply at greater length with more info but have to leave it here for the moment...
+martin stobbs thank you for your answer which is already detailed. I have heard of this problem of training and people who leave aborad once they are qualified. I am happy to here that it is less and less the case.
Really cool. I'm working in a "start up", but it won't be ready until mid/end summer ....
There is no requirement to have a product or service ready +Ezequiel Gallo That´s the nature of startups.
Thanks Max. I’m the owner and founder of , one to one online help in real time. This business start-up is currently in development stage.
Hi +Max Huijgen I'm the founder of - a B2B startup. We make the web safe and productive for organisations. Just to share one statistic: employees spend up to 40% of their time on non-work related sites.
Wow +Max Huijgen how did you guess! :D

How's the weather in Malaga right now? Malta is pretty sunny, and summer promises to be a scorcher. Sometimes, I think sunny weather is an impediment to startups - sea is too tempting!
Hello from Boston, MA! I feel very strongly Circles/groups like this are the future to the world economy, not governments and big banks. Cheers to innovative and creative individuals around the world.
Now we need some more shares to reach the European startups. They must be out there +Euro Maestro
apparently I can't add this shared circle because I've reached my Daily Limit ... even though I haven't added anyone to my circles today.
If it happens again tomorrow check if you didn´t exceed one of the hidden limits of G+: a maximum of 25000 contacts in Gmail +Neil Tipper
I definitely haven't exceeded that limit +Max Huijgen. I have less than a tenth of that.
Then it´s just one of these quirks +Neil Tipper which usually by the time you get an answer somewhere has resolved itself.
Hi +Max Huijgen I have been involved in a lot of different businesses, from meat processors, refrigeration companies to my current job with Omni. I studied at College to be an accountant, but have found myself in a wide variety of different jobs and business sectors.

My current job at Omni Instruments involves working with both start up and established companies. With everything from college students with crazy ideas for solutions to problems, or blue chip companies looking to monitor and improve their existing systems. My accounts background and experience in various business sectors could be useful to various start ups. I would be happy to give people advice or help with start ups.
Cool Idea :-) Cofounder of a mobile health coach app, that helps you in achieving the habits you want... :-) based in Vienna
Konrad, Co-founder @ / Warsaw, Poland
Hi Max, I'm co-founder of Breenga - Brand Engaging Games. Breenga is new interactive advertising service. We are based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is great initiative!
Hey guys... I'm a CEO at Mandatela Ltd and a co-founder at start-up from Slovenia-Ljubljana where we create live engaging brand interactions.
Give me a reason and I will do so +Stephan Wirries :)
two lines about your startup and where you are based... - a mobile SDK that enables you to get position updates indoors. Your mobile app can now locate and navigate inside buildings.
Vienna - Austria
Hello from Portugal! I'm a co-founder of Startup Pirates ( Startup Pirates is a one-week acceleration program for entrepreneurs in the making. Through a combination of training, mentoring and idea development, we help participants structure and develop their ideas. In the end, we give them the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors and successful business leaders.
I'm in :)
Poland, Poznań, Founder and designer at - motivational project / task / life management app which makes any work fun.
Hey guys,

I'm from Slovenia, don't currently have a startup per se, but I freelance almost exclusively with startups, have founded one or two, interned with Doublerecall when they were in YC and I like launching little tech/business experiments every couple of months just to see what happens.
I will add everyone to a new circle for a follow up share. Can you share this with friends as there must be much more than 400 startups in Europe.
cc. +Rod Dunne
Hi Max, great idea, I'm a partner at Stratpharma, a Swiss startup developing and marketing dermatology products.
Posting this on behalf of +Tobias Fiebiger and +Marie Schweiz . Think you might be interested in this. They are working with development of the camera app called Roidizer.
Great idea by Natasha and You, glad to support! I'm one of the founders of startup center Starttaamo in Oulu, Finland, as well as the business idea competition, and actively working with startups Innozed (, InterestID, and a couple of others.
Sofia, Bulgaria. One-time founder/exiter, mentor, investment banker. Happy to meet everyone here!
Hi everyone, this looks so exciting! You really get a feel there's a big startup scene when you make a list like this. And I know it will grow so much because I see there are 10 startups missing just from Croatia! I am the cofounder of +WhoAPI , a platform for web developers that want to create services for domainers and hosters and other companies that need all sorts of information about web sites. Our HQ is at the Science and technology park in Rijeka/Croatia.
Hello, fellow people in Europe!

Thanks +Max Huijgen for the initiative, please add me to the circle and thanks +Rod Dunne who pointed me here.

I am in Austria and I am focused on interviewing and gathering the best strategies and lessons on how to use #crowdfunding to raise capital for small business and startups.

You can see a few interviews on how successful project owners raise money from start to finish on here +Crowdfunding Rockstars if you are interested! If you want the latest updates and more, sign up for the newsletter here

Talk soon and cheers,

I will add everyone to new circles after Tuesday to give it sufficient time to spread to other startups. Please share this post to make sure we gather as much people as possible.
And don´t forget to mention people you think might be interested.
+Eduardo Arcos? +Sascha Lobo? +Martin Varsavsky?
over 24 hours later and I still can't add anyone to my circles :-(
think you're right +Max Huijgen ... although I have little hope of getting a response
Neither do I +Neil Tipper but make a topic about it. That usually helps and frees this thread. Mentioning some Googlers usually works for me :)
Great idea +Max Huijgen :)

I'm the founder of an independent news site in Albanian and community build around the geekwire concept for the Balkan region ( I'm working on building a startup ecosystem and promoting local entrepreneurs/startups to the international market.
Keep on contributing people as I will wrap up after Tuesday. Mention some people like +Nick Mikhailovsky has done to get them here if they want to network all over Europe.
+Filmaster delivers a platform that makes TV both personal and social. Your TV will know what you want to watch based on your taste, current mood, recommendations from friends, and watching trends in entire network. We're based in Warsaw, Poland.
thx +Max Huijgen for spreading this great idea by +Natasha Starkell (thx to her as well of course), and thx to +Miguel Rodriguez for letting me know about it !

1 - +Neil Tipper , +fabio daru : I have the same message, and I'm pretty sure it's because of the 5000-contacts-in-circles limit rather than the 25.000 Gmail contacts limit or the daily G+ circle adding limit ....
So for the moment can't add this circle, need to first sweep into my "check later" circle, not a real problem

2 - Not a start up founder properly speaking, I'm launching a community manager free lance activity, but have an eye on everything boiling new, and help some launching start ups like Mobilytrip for example. So would love to be accepted in this circle even if not strictly a start up myself ...

3 - sharing and encouraging to spread ;-)
Oh, should add something - ConversationLab: Method Cards and Games for Catalyzing Insights, New Perspectives and Cocreating Narratives. Living in Sweden. Looking for partners in other European countries.
+Max Huijgen : any news from the first circle edited to 500 I assume ? Any news from the other europe startuppers circles ? I'm creating a G+ account for a startupper of my friends to help her spread the word out, so would be glad to get some follow up ;-)
+jer kar I need to make a new circle as I noticed a lot of people are not active here. They have an account but don´t use it. So it takes me longer to reshare a circle with the new people as I want only active plussers in it.
Yes you're more than right : we don't need inactive plussers !
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