There is more than Silicon Valley: meet the European startups circle!
As the founder of +EuroTech I appeal to you to join and spread this circle.

EuroTech wants to cover your stories as it´s our mission to get Europe on the tech map and the startup climate is dear to us.

This is just the first attempt so please share this if you are interested in the European startup world. Ask people and companies who want to join this circle to comment on this post.

If we get to know each other we can network much more efficiently so let´s use G+ to the best and grow this circle. If it´s full we will just create a second circle.

No set criteria to be in: if you are involved in an European startup just say so. If you know people who should be in, mention them to get them to respond. If you have a page on G+, fine as well.

Make a description of your startup: a few lines will suffice with your main activity and the country you are based. We can use this to fine tune future circles per region or activity. Don´t forget to do so if you are already in this circle.

Thanks to +Natasha Starkell who started this project on Facebook. Now let´s get G+ at work to enhance and broaden this circle.

And before you ask: Europe is just the continent. We are all in business and political boundaries are of no importance to get a good network running. Only when we work together in Europe we can improve the startup climate and get the synergy going.

Let´s hope this circle gets some shares and we get to learn each other on G+
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