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B&W is the best cure if you suffer from overexposure to HDR :)
#MonochromeMonday is the perfect day to share this circle of excellent B&W shooters. If all photographers on G+ who share their love for B&W connect, we can tune our circles to see just a little bit less color ;)

This circle has been assembled by +David Bowden who forgot to add himself to it, so I corrected that.
and no, I didn´t secretly add myself although I love B&W photography

Below you will find just some of the lesser known people in the circle who deserve a mention for a change. The circle itself contains the top followed B&W artists as well as all the people mentioned. Just add and share the circle.

+Georg Pagenstedt,+iván castillo,+Rainer Steinke,+Ian Brumpton,+Máximo Panés,+Ontoshiki Vun,+Kylie Mills,+Jesse Speer,+Pere Ferrer,+klontart robert,+Mariusz Zimny,+Richard Vantielcke,+JEROME SEVRETTE,+Léon Leijdekkers,+K. Peter Schmidt,+Шарпило Ираклий,+Robert Eckelmann,+Michel Rajkovic,+Aris Go,+chao sun,+Rob Weiher,+Ger Hughes,+Christophe Dessaigne,+Milan Hristev,+Antje Kröger,+Ralph McTeggart,+Denis Olivier,+Jack Storey,+Michael McAreavy,+Bertrand Van,+Matt Toynbee,+Gildas Lepetit-Castel,+Chris Ross,+Don Callaway,+James Clegg,+Tobias Vetterle,+Haraldur Stefansson,+Beat Gretler,+Hans ter Horst,+Ryan LeBreton,+Wade Hewitt,+Leanne Staples,+Marco Maroccolo,+David English,+Anna Belousowa,+Ines Njers,+Maria Strömvik,+Paolo Cardone,+Xavier Rey,+Suzana Ristic,+Messay Shoakena,+Chris Utano,+Kurt Kamka,+Studio Lupica - Photography,+rory cobbe,+Jon Savage,+Sevifotos,+Enzo De Martino,+Maggy Meyer,+Warren Sebastian,+Andy Gimino,+Punk Rock,+Nikolaz Godet,+Juergen Buergin,+Mikhail Palinchak Jr.,+Gerald Streiter,+k ma,+Marcin Bera,+andrew holian,+Regan Shercliffe,+Arnaud Bertrande,+Joshua Wyborn,+Jason Martini,+Micha Ruhkopf,+Joanna Haag,+Innes Ferguson,+Heli Vilmi,+Ksenija Pučak,+roman pastierik,+Kim Stevens,+Okbi Kais,+Jarek Łukaszewicz,+Irma Haselberger,+Bishop Bastien,+Robert Mann,+Jeremy Brooks,+GPlus Daily Themes,+Paul Simon Wheeler,+Arild Heitmann,+Alfred Pleyer,+shalav rana,+Stefano Orazzini,+Luis González
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thanks a lot for the reminder Max .... I have to look for a good b&w shot to post ;)
thanks for the inclusion in your circle. some great names in there. :)
HDR more and more gets on my nerves, since you rarely find well done work.
Thanks for the inclusion... That's a good crowd.
+Max Huijgen , thanks for sharing this. I hadn't noticed #monochromemonday .
I just shared a photo and I will share 2-3 more the next couple of hours.
Thanks +Max Huijgen I really appreciate you re-sharing the circle. I also REALLY appreciate you adding me back in :-) There are some great artists in this circle. Thanks again !
You being out was such a glaring omission that I had to correct that +David Bowden
It´s unfortunate to see that the HDR crowd is more effective in resharing and interacting on posts.
An amazing crowd of people who don´t want to share the circle they belong to. How do get a decent B&W community going this way?
hey +Max Huijgen you know how i love BW and it's fantastic circle of artists ! thank you for including !
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