Bannerman's Castle: neglected 50 miles from NY on its own little island
Hard to believe that so close to New York a castle has been abandoned and today is mostly in ruins. While the exterior walls still stand, all the internal floors and non-structural walls have since burned down.

Pollepel island in the middle of the Hudson river has been the victim of vandalism, trespass, neglect and decay. Today, the castle is property of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and you really wonder why it´s not restored and used as a tourist attraction. 

It was built around 1910 by Francis Bannerman as a storage depot and apparently he designed it himself. In 2009, parts of the castle collapsed. 

Remarkable story for an island so close to the most populated area of the US. Why has been it completely ignored by the state of New York?
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