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Wake up call: its _2_012. Women have been around for ages
dedicated to +A.V. Flox +Michelle Marie +female posters in general on G+ harassed by silly little men
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took me a while as my wife had to search for her high heels and the neighbor couldn´t stop laughing while taking the pic +Michelle Marie I am getting dressed again as I felt a bit naked :)
Great pic. Unfortunately silly little harassing men have been around just as long.
Must have takien you agees to paint your toenails like that +Max Huijgen :)
I have seen a bit of harrasment of female posters on G+, it is silly really!
These are my wife´s toenails +Neil Howard I´m male :(
I noticed it today in a thread of +Michelle Marie as I posted a second comment there and meanwhile it was filled with the worst pick up lines I have ever seen. +Kent Oldhøj would have crowned them. And I know from +A.V. Flox that she has the same problem, but worst of course are all the women who are not high profile, don´t have thick skin and don´t dare to post on G+.
The two I mentioned are man enough :)
The fun thing is that I missed one little ´s´ in my last post making AVFlox into a man. Gender confusion all around today :)
+Aline Alee was the first who posted this image by the way. Forgot it. Do you know who made it?
You asked for some men who could ´handle high heels´. Wasn´s sure if this guy is what you were after +Ann Wuyts ;)
Hehe, obviously he can't handle them all to well. That, and the quite shiny boxers would keep him out of my 'geeks with high heels' circle (which does assume a certain amount of fashion sense, even if it is just knowing you have none ;))
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