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Out of the box into a circle: change your G+ world!
The pegs and the holes, the ones who think different, the people who will change your G+ world

A careful selection on relevance, great posts, contributions to debate, original thought and stunning images. If you follow this circle of 200, G+ will never be boring and you are in for a stream of thoughts and beauty.

The familiar faces show up, but it contains a large number of hidden gems if you dig deeper.

As a circle needs a name: "Think different: the interaction circle" will do very well.

Update: The most interesting part is that the circle is part of some experiments: one of them is the daily update. A way to ´subscribe´ to a circle by reading all the post at your leisure. Every day you will see the complete collection on this url:

On a dull Saturday this circle managed to create 780 posts and generate 7093 comments, 4842 reshares and 16074 +1's. Check it on a week day and that page will be living proof that G+ is not dead at all. This circle alone generates more posts and comments than you can possibly read on a day. Oh yes, that´s why it´s called the interaction circle ;)
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Thanks very much for including me, +Max Huijgen. The feeling is mutual about your posts and contributions.
It´s very carefully crafted +Jeff Jockisch. Everyone who is on the Suggested User List and doesn´t actually engage with me and circled me has been removed as there are enough lists of ´best of´ / most followed. Although G+ found them relevant to me, I didn´t agree so I made room for the hidden gems.
Some of these people you will find in intelligent debates all over G+, some others produce great posts and I know all of them. Some hard choices to make if you have to restrict it to 200 +Joost Schuur +Michael O'Reilly and +Alex Balcázar but all deserved spots based on engagement. There are people with about 500 followers in this list. And for those of you surprised to find +April Summers here: don´t go by appearances ;) She is a smart British girl who deserves this spot on her merits as a contributor to some discussions.
yes +Alizée Rait finding people who engage in conversations is difficult that´s why I spend some time on this circle. Quite easy to check on posts, but some people don´t post much, but participate with intelligent comments. Some of these comments would be more than worthy of a post of their own, so that´s what I was looking for with this circle.
+Michael O'Reilly yip, +April Summers may have a large following but the same goes for some other people I included. We shouldn´t reverse it by refusing these people, but just check if they really engage. Like I said all the Suggested User List (SUL) people in this list have me circled AND take the trouble to comment on people´s posts.
Now you've got me feeling self-concious about all the video game content I've been posting these last few days, Max. I've got some other post ideas in the back of my mind that aren't gaming related though!
Aww thanks guys wish I could engage more with everyone but it gets completely crazy on here sometimes xx
The whole reason to share my (first) circle was a project for which I got an invite. It´s the Daily Plus Circle by +Siegfried Hirsch from the +Public Circles project who asked me today if I wanted to contribute a circle for the experiment to have daily updates by the members of the circle. In effect an attempt to move from push content to pull content which is a long wishlist item for me on G+
I want to subscribe to good content, instead of taking my chances on a running stream.
Thanks very much for the share +Max Huijgen. I’m honored to be in the wake of your share in Mike Elgan’s circle!
+Euro Maestro see above your post :)
Regarding the import of circles: what I do with handpicked circles is as follows: if the circle contains sufficient people I already follow and find really interesting and I like the circle sharer, I import the whole bunch under his or her name. That way I know where to complain if they disappoint me ;)
The overlap with people doesn´t count towards your total of 5000 and if you see someone who you got through multiple of these personal circles, I consider them ´friends of friends´ so upgrade them to my priority reading circle. Has so far proven to be very effective. I have some lesser known people who happen to be in +Christopher Rizzo +stephanie wanamaker and +Melody Lynn´s circle, so that´s a big recommendation for me.
Thanks for doing this +Siegfried Hirsch Took me two hours (!!) to produce this first circle but you called out to me to participate in your great initiative so it was worth the effort.
+Siegfried Hirsch "Think different: the interaction circle" would be a nice summary.
Have added this to the original post as circle name.
Thank you for the inclusion. I guess it pays off being a critical thinker :)
Ha! I already have about a third of the people in this Circle in my own circles. That's got to be a good omen. ;^)
+Max Huijgen took me at least 4 days to create the site, but it was worth the effort ;) btw could be a good idea to include the link to the daily circle in your post the help people get a grasp of this fantastic circle.
You´re right +Siegfried Hirsch You spent a lot more time creating the site, but it took me 8 months to build up the circle ;)
It makes me happy that most of the people in there are already in my circles :D
Oh, cool! My first glance at it told me that I had almost all ... but, even at that there were undoubtedly lots of interesting new voices. Thanks, Max!
Thanks +Max Huijgen! Especially happy about the values of the community in the circle, "think different" and "interaction"!
Ugo Cei
Thanks for the inclusion, Max!
I've seen so many circle shares in the past, but this one surely is different. Maybe not circle itself but sharing of it is. Not because it includes me (thanks +Max Huijgen), but because it's accompanied by such an enthralling story. Just by reading this text I get excited about people in this circle. Such captivating copywriting is always sought for in advertising.
One Circle rules them all +Max Huijgen
Getting back after all kind of Saturday duties I found a big raise in new circlers. This One : Think different Circle explains.
+Max Huijgen thanks for including me in this circle, lots of good work here to create a nice quality Circle :)
Damn... I'm doing something wrong for not being placed in these circles +Max Huijgen :-(
+Max Huijgen Both an honor and a privilege to be included among these great folks. And, yes, Google Plus when done right, can make for both a great entertaining and informative experience! :-)
Thank you +Max Huijgen for placing me in such cool company! Right now anyone that's investing of themselves in Google+ is thinking differently ;-)
Hey +Melody Lynn, nice video, but what do you mean by Emergency Rooms of the world... ;) Anyway, while everybody was waiting for your fabúlous list's update and some of us where too lazy, +Max Huijgen landed this scoop...!
Done the same +Gideon Rosenblatt, and for lack of a better name the circle is called +Max Huijgen -- btw., I like that meritocracy idea BUT, among the 250 followers I got so far today, there are a handful of blueheads. So there is some amount of bluehead-creep with the friends-of-friends.

Nevermind, and congrats Max; great response you got there!
And that while I gave the circle a decent name "Think different: the interaction circle"
I have three blueheads in the circle afaik, but their comments made them very different from the zombies +Alexander Becker
I hadn't seen the the "bluehead" term before - love it.
Yeah, "think different" but kinda nice to have real names(TM) as circles, it's getting crowded over time and this way I know whose suggestions they have been.
How on earth did a bluehead (see, I'm using it already!) like +Christopher Rizzo get over 17,000 people circling him with only one public post?
I admit I do the same +Alexander Becker I use the name so that I can get back to that circle sharer with complaints if I´m disappointed. To avoid this from happening I promoted the more neutral name ;)
I'll hold you fully accountable, Max. ;) Will be hard to even fabricate complaints with this great circle, though!
Not only that, +Joost Schuur. The post is from 30 minutes ago. And it is not the kind of post to attract many circlers. Maybe his comments on other people's posts not only got him to +Max Huijgen's circle, but to 17000 other ones.
He hasn't uncircled me yet, +Melody Lynn. And trust me, I've put his patience to a test. So those rumors are probably false.
Hi +Max Huijgen, I just wanted to say thanks for including me in your shared circle. I sincerely appreciate it.
+Max Huijgen Thank you for including me. I was wondering where the new followers were coming from. Looking at the circle, I'd have to say this is a pretty prestigious group of people to be associated with.
Thanks for the include +Max Huijgen
The circle share is definitely a powerful way to get some new interesting people in my circles. On one hand it's funny to see how there are so many more interesting folks with great shares/stories out there that I have never ever come across yet, on the other hand, with 90+ million users worldwide in different timezones, this is not so weird at all (there is just so much out there). The circleshares act as a personal suggested user list. Fully agree with your comment earlier on how much time it takes to build a circle like that. We tend to forget and just sprint, while it's actually a marathon.
Here also, thanks for including me! The tribes post made me do a little count.. 19 out of 199 were already in my circles. 160 new people to interact with.. wow. Not sure if I can handle them all. I'm mainly looking for female semi-geeks to broaden my horizons circles (read: those who can talk and handle both mobile dev and the likes, as well as high heels)

Can you advise me a little circle on that? ;-)
(I guess males who can handle high heels are welcome too.. )
Either I have summoned or my name was taken in vain. ;^)

I love heels and geekily guilty as charged. 
Hey. I will wear my snakeskin wedges with my Holodeck t-shirt. It's true. :-)
As this circle share is also part of a series of experiments I have notified the people in the circle. As you can only notify 100 people I had to split them temporarily.
The split between the two groups was made by making a sort on relevance of the 200 and then selecting the left half and the right half to form two groups of 100. So randomized to the max!
Thes limited shares to two groups of 100 shows how engaged the people in it are. One share is now at over 85 comments. The other 100 managed to crank out 65. Highly interactive people indeed :)
no,no +P E Sharpe I made two limited shared to the people in the circle (your have received a notification of it). You can read there just like me, but they are not public posts.
What I wanted to point out that these people are really interactive by giving these numbers.
Waves back at +Dana Geppi Long ! Nice to meet you. You're one of five in my 'geeks wearing high heels' circle now. ;)
+Max Huijgen - Hi Max, I don't see the previous circles so I assume I wasn't mentioned or you have deleted the limited posts. I found this circle because I was curious as to where the adds were coming from. I do miss notifications, sometimes I think I miss more than my fair share. It seems this is a common complaint. On-the-other-hand, I can't complain if I didn't get one. :-))
Hehe, +Lionel Lauer . I assume that was a prerequisite for the 'geeky' part. Geek and high heels then can't go wrong. Thank you. :)
Oh, because your excellent recommendations, it made sense I added you too.. ;)
One of the tests was the +Siegfried Hirsch daily update project. An attempt to make a transition from the push model of G+ to a pull model where the moments of posting in the public stream are less important. You can subscribe to a circle and see the posts and comments from them: see f.i.
Think different: the interaction circle Daily Circle on 25. Feb. 2012
Circle has 200 members -- published 2012-02-25 with 137 participants and 788 postings
Statistiks for 2012-02-25 -- 7093 comments 4842 reshares and 16074 +1's
Meaning that this circle on a very slow Saturday managed to have 137 active posters out of the 200. That they generated an amazing number of posts together and that the comments, reshares and +1´s are staggering!
Have a look yourself at +Siegfried Hirsch´s project
Really curious how you get/count those numbers. Manually per user?
I just saw today another link bait about why g+ is dead - it is great to have curated circles by individuals to their own tastes as this is a bit like amazon "people who liked this also probably liked that". :))

This is one of the lists to point people to and say 'there. there is interaction. you just have to look in the right places' ;)
Interesting numbers, +Max Huijgen . So we have a new heuristic to work with. Removing the push-to-stream dynamics could be valuable, attention-wise. We'll see how it plays out with other focused circles catching up.
I updated the post itself to point to the page where you can see the daily posts of these 200!
Yes +Alizée Rait I have been pursuing the pull model over the push nature of G+ as I prefer asynchronous media. I try to be involved in every project which enhances this so when +Siegfried Hirsch told me some time ago that he was almost ready for the experiment I reserved a spot and on Friday he told me to go ahead and make a circle to participate. And so I did ;)
I couldn´t leave you out +Robert Redl you profile states we have 7,017,873,417 people in common so I figured we must have shared interests ;)
I suggest people replace +Dieter Mueller with +Michelle Marie based on her contributions here
Is Google+ Putting Too Much in the Hands of Too Few?
Remember that numerous members of this circle have not been chosen for their posts but for their contributions to debates outside of the comfort zone of their own thread. You learn more about +Michelle Marie by reading her lengthy comments there than just going through the last five posts.
Of course the same goes for many others in this circle.
+Max Huijgen Thank you so much. You are very kind and there are a lot of good people in that circle!
Awesome circle +Max Huijgen- and thanks for letting me be in it! :)
Was unplugged for 5 days so I didn't notice before now.
+Max Huijgen I really like the overview provided by this sample view, but I just noticed that none of my posts does appear in it, do you know if there's a limit on displayed posts?
What does 'unplugged' mean +Max Huijgen - I will check to see if I got any new circlers now. :)
+Siegfried Hirsch you could rank the circle sharer a bit higher as that seems natural to me. Not because I need to find my own post back but a shared circle is a representation of the person as well. In this specific circle it´s a pity that the heavy hitters overwhelm the others as I made sure to include people who should be heard, but don´t have large followings.
Maybe a system where you have at least one post for each participant and then a ranking for the layout and the other posts?
Hi +Max Huijgen . The subscription page is very interesting. How often does this update? Do you need to manually update it?
Just found this circle via +CircleCount's "in public circles" feature, thanks for adding me Max
+Max Huijgen just checked the site... it looks real cool. How do i get my work added to it as well (if you think its worthy enough)
+Max Huijgen sometimes im a bit slow, also we had a kids birthday party on the weekend :)
That has been a mighty party weekend +Nils Hitze if it took from end of Feb until now. People call that a ´trip´ nowadays ;)
+Max Huijgen Damn, I missed this when you did original sharing... Thanks for all these interesting and interacting people!
Great circle +Max Huijgen, if there is an update or any drop out, I know a long shot, could you include me please :)
I am working on an update +Peter Scharff +Chris Lion but be aware that the requirements are high to get into it. People must surprise me with an un-orthodox view or approach and be more than posters, but really engage in the discussions they create.
I hope I'm up to the challenge then +Max Huijgen have a nose at my posts if you like, discussions are good but would like a few more so discussions are more fluid, I need to break that cycle somehow here's hoping you like my posts and can help me on my way :-)
+Max Huijgen I would love to become part of this with this account" +Rinus Bakker Unfortunately G+ changes automaticly to my temporarily circle management account when I go to here. There is no activity on the account I am writing this from but here +Rinus Bakker is quite interesting at times. :)
Ah, my circle got some activity. Sorry for missing the old questions +Chris Lion and +Rinus Bakker When I create an updated version I will certainly look at your profiles as well. 
I'd like a bit more interaction too.  When you add to this again, please consider me +Max Huijgen.
Ah +John Evans there is a misunderstanding: these folks were picked because they are my G+ friends and are highly ´interactive´. You don´t become it by being in the circle. 
I know that Max.  I am 'highly interactive'.  Being in good circles gives you more interaction with others, and that's why & what I asked for.

If you're not planning to add more to this circle in the future, never mind.
Ah, this oldie popped up again thanks to some new shares. +John Evans I still intend to do an actualized version. 
I post regularly about science, humor and general geekery, but also have interests in TDF, art and SF.. (but I don't know if one can be considered a 'friend' so just pinging and leaving this out here).
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