Samsung´s smartphone 'taboo breaker' Note is a success!
Just released Q1 figures show that The Note - a cross between a phone and a mini-tablet sold surprisingly well. More than 5 million since the launch in October and Samsung says it´s earning nicely on the novel device.

Lots of smart phones nowadays come close to the size to this mini-tablet but the Note can be used for more precise tasks, thanks to its throwback stylus.

Samsung expects to sell 10 million units of the model by the end of this year and plans to introduce more pen-equipped products with different screen sizes. It´s certainly a taboo breaker as industry analysts were unanimous that there was no place for mini tablets.

Oh, and the late Jobs said that 10" was the perfect size, but he was always quick to change his mind in face of the market, so don´t be surprised when Apple releases a mini tablet as well. This size seems much better than the 7" Amazon tablets as it will fit easily in a jacket or a purse.

To save you the trouble: it´s 146.9 x 83 x 9.7 mm and weighs only 178 gram. That´s not even a third of the weight of the lightest iPad (the old 2) and it has an 8 megapixel camera which will get some usage as opposed to your normal tablet camera which will never be at hand. Speedwise it´s comparable to the new iPad so that won´t limit its functionality.

And yes you can make phone calls with it. If you are happy with 2G it will stay on standby for forty days before you need to recharge!

If you doubt if the Note can easily be operated without help of a pen, even when you don´t have small fingers just watch this movie.
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