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Who is seeing Google local and does it work outside of the US?
The announcement says that from today on local information is integrated across Google.

From the new “Local” tab on the left-hand side of Google+, you can search for specific places or browse for ones that fit your mood. If you click on a restaurant, or a museum (or whatever), you’ll be taken to a local Google+ page that includes photos, Zagat scores and summaries, reviews from people you know, and other useful information like address and opening hours.

Google+ Local is also integrated across other products you already use every day. If you’re looking for a place on Search or Maps, you get the same great local information there too. You can also take it on the go with Google Maps for mobile on your Android device, and soon on iOS devices.

The Zagat reviews are well know in the US, but how many people in Europe are aware of them?

The company, which is run by Nina and Tim Zagat, has been around for 32 years and it used to be a sort of avant la lettre crowdsourced restaurant review system. Now Europe knows many similar systems, but most are restricted to one country or only a few cities.

Did local pop in your G+ or google maps and if so how does it work if you´re based in Europe? Any experience with the Zagat scores?
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I can see it but it is quite far off. Germany.
It works Perfect in Colombo, Sri Lanka too.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It works, just checking some restaurants I tried in Amsterdam last weekend, the Zagat scores appear, haven't written a review yet, though...

Works apparently also for public administrations , at least some of them are on the list over here in Luxembourg. If that catches on, it will be pretty funny...

+Shamil Weerakoon Fully agree!
And of course after posting it and restarting G+ I got it as well. However hardly any places in my neighborhood. Maybe five restaurants from the 1000 available are listed.
No Zagat scores whatsoever.
I've got it in Spain; looks interesting...
Looks like it's working in southern Finland... Not too many places, but I suspect it'll change.
Works fine in Canada, although it defaulted to my home town rather than where I live.
Works for Denmark, even out here in the sticks.
+stephanie wanamaker maybe closing and restarting G+ works for you as well.
How are the experiences with the quality of the local information and did people from outside the US know about Zagat? Are your restaurants rated on that 30 points scale?
I'm seeing it in Switzerland, but it is part of the "more" button, still
I can see it here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I have all the scores and Zagat ratings. Also this is essentially Google Places and all it's pages are replaces by this Google Local. They'll soon add Events to it (rumored) which will actually make it 'local' and good.
+Max Huijgen, there was a post on this topic this morning from +Michelle Marie ( In the comment section of that post +Jaana Nyström, of Finland, pointed out the same issue with being outside of the United States. The location it designated her to was Berlin, Germany. When she refreshed, it then placed her in London and then in Weimar, but not anywhere in Finland. See her comment below form the lined post:

_It seems you have to give a permission to show where you are located, I did it here I have no idea why it thought I was in Berlin, Germany. Anyone? :-)
Let's see if I get anything now._
Now it thinks I'm in London. When I refresh, it offers Weimar. Still an empty page. Is there something we should do?
Seems Google may be working on it though. According to +Fernando Delgado (Google Product Manager) who was part of the Google+ Local project, and took part in Michelle's post, was asking for screen shots of those outside of the U.S. so it appears Google may be looking into it?
Works fine in the UK. I also noticed that 'local' with Zagat style reviews/scores is evident in today's update of Google Maps for Android
Could always just type where you are in the provided box.
+John Maguire I missed that +Jaana Nyström's post, but it gave Venice to me as wild guess... After I set it to my location at top of the page and after that everything seemed to work very smoothly.
Yes, works in UK but the 'default' location is way off (I can't see how to set that) even though correct default location in maps and search. The scores are easy to understand. I had already done some reviews so made those public under local.
Does anyone know how to permanently set the location that the local icon defaults to?
I have it. An hour ago it thought I was in Nurenberg, Germany. Now it thinks I'm in Vancouver. :-)
Thanks for your summary +John Maguire My problem was that I didn´t see the new entry but that´s fixed now. My location is also correct. The problem is that in the south of Spain there don´t seem be any Zagat scores available.
Great! So I have no way to determine whether it knows where I am or not — being in Berlin.
I like what they have done and the integration with G+, but I don't like that if I want to share my reviews, that I have to do so with my full public name and G+ picture. Really seems to reduce my privacy, even while trying to help others. Why couldn't Google just do First Name, Last Initial?
I live in Ireland and got the new icon when I clicked on the "learn more..." link of the official announcement. The link on to the download the Local app opens the G+ app page which still lists the old app version. I guess it'll take a few more hours until the update will be available globally.

I agree with you, +Markus Siebeneick. I would have preferred an option like in Google Groups. I'm curious if I'll see recommendations from friends any time soon as hardly any of my friends actually use G+.
Works in Greece. As you may suspect though, the listings are far from complete and the ratings are even sparser.

Hope that changes soon :)
Had never even heard about Zagat before, so I'm surprised there are some scores here in Holland.
Did anybody else just get it included into their Google Maps on their Android phone as well?
+Max Huijgen it is not only Zagat information! Google Local is also what Google Places used to be. So outside the US the data comes from data which was entered by people in Google Places.

Google Places already gave people the opportunity to leave reviews and give scores (1 - 5 stars). Every company that is in the phonebook and/or registered at the chamber of commerce can be found through local (use the search function).
I am seeing this in Bangalore and its showing me some local places and ratings.
UK here. Didn't know about it but see it now under 'More'. That's thanks to a small display on netbook. Location is way off though. As said earlier, maps and search have the location right based on my wifi location, but this is some 60 miles away. The UK is very dense and 60 miles is like another country as far as local things are concerned. I suspect it's getting it from my ISP head end.
Yes, good in France, I've entered a few reviews.
Yes, works great in Switzerland. On the Android mobile platform it is integrated in Google Maps and can also be started inside the Google+ App, where it uses a link to the Maps application.
+Robert Rooijakkers i know the old, very unreliable review system, but I was wondering if there are Zagat scores available in Europe and for how many locations.
+Randy Resnick do you see them in France?
Tnx for the link +Robert Rooijakkers With only three cities in Spain it´s no wonder I couldn´t one. They only have Barcelona, Madrid and Roses so it´s not a usable system. I see the same pattern in the rest of Europe.
+Jeff Jockisch I agree that seeing someone that you know is great and know that it is not a fraudulent account is also great. However, using first name and last initial with a pic should suffice vs. full name. At least one would hope that it would provide better security. Also, not sure I want my reviews to link directly to my profile to someone I don't know, as it would encourage some stalker like behaviors I would think.

This is a key problem with social. It is very difficult to accomplish what Google wants to do. Originally, G+ was meant to be more secure than FB so that people would feel more comfortable with privacy. However, this has caused reverse problem to Google that it causes people to reduce who sees most of their posts(ie. the ghost town affect in appearance.) However, with G+ Local, we now have an attempt to increase our exposure. It is a very tricky balancing act that I am sure we haven't seen the last of.
I see them and have entered a few reviews. I thought I posted this last night, but I din't see it now.
+Markus Siebeneick I fully agree that there is no chance that I´m going to leave reviews all over the globe under my full name. I know the folks from SF think different about it, but I prefer to keep my comings and goings private (and I would hate to be confronted with an upset hotel or restaurant owner just because I didn´t like the coffee)
Hi +Max Huijgen, just got to your comment, and I am chuckling. Looks like +Víktor Bautista i Roca sorted it out for you. I do indeed mean that I am seeing Google local and that I am seeing it from my base in Geneva. And yes, I did also comment on the European thread, but there I think I specified Switzerland. Have a great day!
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