"Google doesn´t get the recognition it deserves for G+"
"G+ is not a social network, but a social layer over all Google services" states Google´s +Ade Oshineye in an interview with Dutch newspaper ´De Volkskrant´ where he tries to counter the criticism.

His point "It improves your experience with all Google services without a conscious experience." It´s primarily designed to make sharing of search results, websites, articles and other content easier. You can easily start a discussion about a YouTube movie or whatever you find as the G+ bar shows up everywhere.

Sharing has been studied by Google and they found that sharing everything is counterproductive (read FB´s model is wrong) and sharing with selected circles is the solution. Even when friends or family are not on G+ sharing still works through email. When they react it will still enter G+.

Some other tidbits from the interview: 50 million people with a Google + account use it daily. Per month there are a 100 million active users

The Comscore figure showing that people spend only 3 minutes a day is countered by +Ade Oshineye by comparing G+ with a take-away: "you don´t rate the take-away service on the time you spend there"
"G+ is like water, without noticing it you use it and it´s part of your life."

He claims that companies regularly use G+ for hangouts and most of the usage of G+ escapes our view as it´s done in limited circles.

The challenge for Google according to Ade: "We built something lots of people use, but we don´t get the recognition for it" Poor Google!

_all quotes are translations from the Dutch text in http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/2680/Economie/article/detail/3261308/2012/05/25/Wat-wil-Google-nou-echt-met-spookstad-Google.dhtml_
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