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Just try tongue twisting your Galaxy SIII with S-Voice
Do the woodchuck test and listen to the video.

Oh, and do you want to see S-voice in action before the Galaxy SIII is released?
No problem: just copy the APK to your Android 4.0 compatible phone:

The Galaxy SIII is the first phone which is rooted, hacked and unbundled from its special applications even before it´s on the market. Clearly the fastest phone in the world :)
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Trouble is, most of the apps rely on Touchwiz for most, if not all of their functionality. A lot of them will force close on non-Samsung devices, or even those with the wrong version of Touchwiz.
Thanks +Max Huijgen. To be honest, I wouldn't really be interested in installing it anyway. I've been very happy with Jeannie as my voice assistant for about 2 years. Evi never worked very well for me, nor did SpeakToIt. Now I know that S Voice is based on Vlingo, I have installed the latter and will try it for a while. I know Samsung has slapped a nice Touchwiz interface on top for S Voice, but I'll see how I get on with the underlying app first.

All interesting stuff. Thanks again.
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