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Michael Schumacher fighting for his life after ski accident
 This morning the legend of Formula One crashed into a rock while skiing off piste. Initially the doctors were positive: he wisely used a helmet and the damage would at worst be a concussion. 

However the latest news is extremely disturbing. Reliable sources tell he is in coma after a  brain hemorrhage. His condition is now described as 'critical' by his management. 

(an artificial coma is often used by doctors to alleviate the bleeding of the brain (hemorrhage), but no idea if this is the case here. Let's hope so)

What a tragedy after he decided to stop racing to spend more time with his family

Update Monday Morning after press conference hospital:
he is kept in artificial coma like I expected. Had to be re-animated once, underwent brain surgery and is still in critical condition.

#Michael   #Schumacher   #MichaelSchumacher  
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+Max Huijgen is that you? Are you coming back?
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Max Huijgen

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Don't be a dork of a parent. Keep your kids and everyone else's safe.

Tnx +Jeff Jockisch !
Remember to vaccinate
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Max Huijgen

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Invite for Glass available from +Lee Smallwood 
Remember you'll need $1500 and some sort of US residency...
Do you want to be a Glass Explorer?

I have 2 invitations left that I'd like to offer to two people here on Google+ ...

But before you jump in and say yes... - here's why I wanted +Google Glass 

For me, the very idea of simply not having to look down at my mobile in order to stay connected and up-to-date with people was more than a enough for me to say yes...

I capture my daily life #Throughglass  ... moments that would've been lost or wouldn't have been in time if I had to:

- take the phone out of my pocket
- unlock the phone
- select video or photo
- capture the moment

Trying to do the above inevitably took too long and the moment had passed... leaving small frustrations each time.

*Since having #Glass *

Moments are now captured quickly and shared even faster - either on G+ or other networks like +Tumblr or Twitter

Current Glass Applications
You can find a list of current applications range from one to help you:

- Improve your Golf (

- Listen to Music through +Google Play (

- Keep track of your performance when cycling (

Still interested? Great... then here's the financial info you'll need to consider

You'll know (probably) by now that the Glass Explorer edition comes in at $1500 + sales tax... so you'll need to be ready for that...

Personally I've not looked back since getting my +Google Glass and for the right person they won't too.

I'm going to leave this invitation offer open for 2 days. This is not a first to respond will get the invitation...

Also,  I'm not selling these invitations - so don't try and offer me money for them. I just want them to go to the 2 people that will get the most out of them!

If your unsure about what Glass can do for you then check out here -

If you're happy with the above then in the comments below tell me what you'll do with them :) If you know someone that wants Glass then share this post with them.

Chat soon :)

Google conditions 

- Be US residents
- Be at least 18 years old
- Provide a US shipping address or pick up their Glass at one of our locations in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles

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i wonder about the issues with vision that these can cause. the ar is a great idea but is it the best and safest implementation
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Good parody on Google's ad for Chrome
 Alleged to be an internal video that 'leaked' from the Microsoft offices, but we are not that naive ;)
Posting it here is asking for trouble as G+ has evolved into a Google fansite, but admit that the original ad is already creepy and asking for a parody.
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+Per Siden I'm personally more concerned about software which directly accesses your data. Take backup software f.i. A back door in a cloud backup service would be so easy, while getting Windows to phone home unnoticed to the millions is quite difficult. 
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Max Huijgen

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Watch this Palestinian spoof of Volvo's Jean Claude Van Damme commercial made to highlight Gaza's power crisis.
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Shame it wasn't a surprise, since the preview shows them pushing the cars.
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Max Huijgen

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Make one promise for 2014: read at least one book and buy one for your child

BTW: the graphic has some disturbing facts, but 'not been in a bookstore' is not one of them. E-readers....

Tnx +steph wanamaker and +Jeff Jockisch 
Pretty much says it all - bags of potential, but people can't be bothered.
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idk Max, imo. the omission is glaring, since the e-resources require tech and presumably an internet connection , something not as prevalent/readily available in rural areas , (both of which libraries provide here) the entire province (Alberta) is under one lending umbrella, we lend Kobos to those who wish and carry several hundred thousand e-titles current and off copyright, and, i personally purchased 4 and gave them to our library, i could go on but i think that my opinion regarding literacy and  libraries as a fundamental resource in it's promotion is evident
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Max Huijgen

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We just lost that tiny bit of control over our privacy: thanks Google....

The disappearance of App Ops is alarming news for Android users. The fact that they cannot turn off app permissions is a Stygian hole in the Android security model, and a billion people's data is being sucked through. Embarrassingly, it is also one that Apple managed to fix in iOS years ago.

A moment ago, it looked as though Google cared about this massive privacy problem. Now we have our doubts. The only way to dispel them, frankly, is for Google to urgently reenable the App Ops interface, as well as adding some polish and completing the fundamental pieces that it is missing:
This is sad.

With all the posturing Google has done over the NSA stuff, and having encouraged people to sign the petition to require a warrant for email snooping (which I heartily agree with), this just makes Google look hypocritical.
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+Ar Grover You really need to clean up your phone and contacts before you blame the NSA, CIA and other various three letter agencies. It's not even your phone anymore if you don't recognise the people in your contacts and your phone is randomly dialing people. Remote wipe and start fresh.
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Max Huijgen

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The (flood) gates of heaven opened for Mandela
 (and the last time a girl eyed the president this way, Bill had to insist he had not had sex with her ;)
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+Joan Laine if he would stand straight upright and the 'tent' shape would still look that way, you would be right.
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Max Huijgen

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Irony: no flight black list causes witness to miss trial about that same list

via +Alex Grossman 
"On the first day of trial, the judge learned that the plaintiff's daughter, scheduled to testify, was delayed because she had been denied boarding of her flight because she was put a Department of Homeland Security no-fly list. DHS staff deny this. The government's lawyers told the judge that the daughter is lying. The airline provided documentation of the DHS no-fly order."
Phil writes, "Edward Hasbrouck of the Identity Project is doing a fantastic job of reporting on-site from Ibrahim v. DHS, the first legal challenge of United States government's no-fly list that has ever seen a courtroom.
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Max Huijgen

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Stupid me: I thought you actually stood on a skate board ...
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Wow, That even GOT MY 14 Year Old Son as he is into his #PS4 all the time however He stopped and watched the full video with me as well, we even jumped out and ChromeCasted to our TV some other Great Shots THIS SKATER has, just do a Google Search for his Name .. Tons of Great Shots.
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