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Watch me talk about +Project Glass and photography. Excuse my sleepiness. +Sergey Brin makes up for it at the end.
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Very interesting to see how Glass allows one to take photographs they wouldn't, or perhaps couldn't, otherwise.I never really considered Glass a photography tool, I now stand better informed. Thank you.
I consider it a cutting-edge storytelling medium and filmmaking form. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair to see what I can create. I've been waiting years to find a way to create films from an everyday, eye-level perspective. I can't wait for higher image quality... or even the ability to follow our minute eye movements! Thanks so much for presenting, Max! This is exactly what I hoped for from #GPlusPC. 
Great presentation Max. Project Glass is so exciting!
Sharing the first person experience so seamlessly is really a drastic change. Reminds me of the "Being John Malkovich" movie.
People could host hangouts from their perspective and share their life stream as they are experiencing reality.

Next time +Sergey Brin skydives, he should host a hangout (or at least share a video) through +Project Glass

Who would you invite to share your visions? Whose vision would you like to peek into?
mother of gawd. The idea of using Google glasses to host POV GREAT.
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