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I love Sons & Daughters and the Sweet Woodruff. This is going to be good.
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So this is a "light echo". Space is awesome.

"While the photos appear to depict an expanding spherical shell of debris, they are actually formed by the illumination of an ever-expanding ellipsoid with the progenitor star at one focus and the observer at the other. Hence, despite appearances, the structures in these photos are actually concave toward the viewer. In other words, the light is reflecting dust that is mostly 'behind' the star, not in 'front' of it." (
Monocerotis (V838) Outburst

This is my latest animation (9.4mb) of the 2002-2005 Monocerotis Outburst event, based on a computer model based on multiple frames of this event by the +European Space Agency, ESA

 V838 is a red variable star in the constellation Monoceros about 20,000 light years (6 kpc) from the Sun. The previously unknown star was observed in early 2002 experiencing a major outburst. The reason for the outburst is still uncertain, but several conjectures have been put forward, including an eruption related to stellar death processes and a merger of a binary star or planets.

Images credit: NASA, ESA and H.E. Bond (STScI)

There's another version by +Lars DeRuntz here:

cc +Fraser Cain 
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It certainly is.
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Max Braun

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Friday night, some time after dinner. We should probably go home and try to have lives, but Chris and I are at the Glass offices in Mountain View, staring at our computers. It’s quiet. Chris is hunched over his laptop in the UX design area and I’m hiding behind two 30” monitors full of code that I could swear is more blurry now than it was in the morning. We are probably working intensely on inventing the future of computing or looking at cat videos on YouTube. Or goats. I hear goats are the thing now. Either way, we eventually take a break and get talking. Chris tells me about this idea our friend Richard has been floating at the Google Creative Lab in New York.

“Remember the ‘How It Feels’ video? Where we filmed what you are seeing and overlayed the Glass display in the corner? Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone could just make images like this to show off their experiences with Glass?”

“Yes. Yes, that would be very cool. I’ll be back.”

By the end of the night, I had a crude version of this running on Glass and we made it available for the team to test the following week. Soon, people would start using it in a way that we didn’t expect. Some just showed what it looks like using Glass features, some did the inevitable picture in picture in picture, but others told fun little stories with just that one image.

There was a lot left to figure out before we could release this new feature for Glass. What is the best way to trigger it in the UI? What gradients and opacity work best for the overlay? Did we get the engineering right? Did it break anything? And, somewhat importantly, what should we call this new thing? In the end we wrote some more tests, called it “vignettes," and settled on a simple and unobtrusive UX: Just press the camera button and select “Make vignette” from the menu and Glass embeds a screenshot captured at the same time as the picture was taken. After that, you can save and share vignettes just like photos through Glass.

We’ve already seen some Glass Explorers tell their own little stories with vignettes. Let us know how you use vignettes in the comments!
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I use vignettes to aid in driving directions, to show people What I'm listening to and even as a simple text message with Visual aid :-)
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Max Braun

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Mission Construction
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very nice!
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New Year
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Cool UI concept from my friend +Matthaeus Krenn.
Check out my touch interface concept for cars of the future
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Ha! This started out on the right track then went goofball when it started using 4 fingers and spread-apart fingers. Who'll remember that 4 fingers adjusts one thing, 5 fingers another, and 6 something else? Also this takes too much concentration and agility.

Much better would be simple spatial gestures. Make them mnemonic in some way, akin to Palm's Graffiti single-stroke writing system.
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who needs models when u got employees that are models =] hehe
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Now blond
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Very beautiful!
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Nice find +Tim Acheson . What ever will the Google fanboys say about this. Google invented this.....LOL.
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