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This Cuban sandwich from the El Rumbon truck is mighty tasty. #firstfriday #p2t

Why do so many websites restrict password *maximum* length? Aren't we all using cryptographic hashes now? You know those are a fixed length output regardless of input size? If I want to use a novella as a password, you should let me.

Hell, even if they are storing the plaintext, can they really not afford the database space for >15 bytes? Really? (I'm not even going to give these websites the benefit of the doubt that they are storing more than a byte per character given the bizarre character set restrictions of many of these same sites.)

(PS, The passnovella is now a trademark of mine. I will soon debut a website whose passnovella minimum will be 7000 words…)

I swear, iOS 5 needs a much lighter weight program than iTunes to occasionally plop open on my PC… Please tell me there is a way to temporarily tell iTunes to go away and not come back until gaming is done…

UX head scratcher: G+ mobile site prompted "Are you sure you want to cancel? [Cancel] [OK]". How silly.

Hmm… I don't have enough Xbox friends with Gears to actually try the new Horde maps because there isn't a playlist for them yet.

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Yeah, given how much hope I had for the redesign revitalizing reader and how much I think the mobile version has mostly improved, the updated "real" web version now leaves a lot to be desired. But also, borked G+ integration is borked.

"Once Upon A Time" has had some moments I've found really amusing so far, but I've got a feeling that I'm really watching mostly because I didn't get enough Dr. Rush in SG:U…

There are those that understand Silverlight binding; there are those that do not understand Silverlight binding. Then there are those that learn it as they go, leaving dubious quality learning experiments lurking in soon-to-be-Production code.

Tasked with figuring out wonkiness in some grids that had irked me for weeks, but now were "my bugs" by rite of "touched-it-last" and now because QA had spotted them, could reproduce, were suddenly thrust into user-confusing, release-stopping urgency.

Long story short, it turned that the code to generate columns from an over-complex dictionary structure were building new columns for every field. The amazing thing, and testament to Silverlight and the Silverlight toolkit team, was that this worked at all much less gave such an appearance of normalcy 98% of the time…

I would like to toast the food scientists at SWAD and their tasty packets of microwaveable science dinners. #p2t

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Saw Actors' new playful adaptation of Tom Sawyer. Reminded me of middle school. #p2t
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