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I find the lack of Android Marshmallow OTAs for Nexus 6 disappointing   :/
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My personality type is INTJ-A. What's yours?

You can take the test here:
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I've got ENFP-A :)
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Get your shit together, Matt!
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Mesmerizing. Very mesmerizing.
Just, just when I pull the trigger on a Nexus 5X, I see a link to this video taken by the Nexus 6P. And now I'm cold and confused, whil... by Rita El Khoury in Google, News, Nexus 6P
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A flowchart for background work, alarms, and your Android app
Pro-tip by +Ian Lake

For many apps, doing work in the background can be an important part of building a great experience. An alarm registered with AlarmManager ( is one way to schedule your app to be run sometime in the future, even if your app isn’t in the foreground. What alarm type and API should you use for your app or are alarms even the best option? Let’s go through some of the factors that should influence your opinion:

How often do you want to trigger?
For events less than 60 seconds apart, alarms aren’t the best choice: use the much more efficient Handler ( for frequent work.

Want to set a user visible alarm clock?
On API 21+ devices, new APIs allow you to set a user visible alarm via setAlarmClock(): the system UI may display the time/an icon and apps can retrieve the next alarm clock with getNextAlarmClock(). Note that alarms set with setAlarmClock() work even when the device/app is idle (similar to setExactAndAllowWhileIdle()): getting you as close to an exact wake up call as possible. For backward compatibility, you’ll follow the same guide below for a single alarm.

Wake up the device/app while idle (i.e., doze, app standby)?
On Android 6.0+ (API 23) devices, additional power-savings optimizations ( have been added in the form of Doze (triggered by a completely stationary, unplugged, and idle device) and App Standby (triggered by an unplugged device on idle apps that haven’t been used recently). You’ll use setAndAllowWhileIdle() for inexact and setExactAndAllowWhileIdle() for exact alarms if you need it to fire an alarm while in these idle states. If it can wait until the user returns to their device/your app, use the standard set() and setExact() to be the best Android citizen and save your user’s battery.

(We’ll be talking more specifically about Doze and App Standby later!)

Just a single alarm?
A single alarm can be set with the aptly named set() method. One thing to keep in mind is that on API 19+ devices when you target API 19+, the system will be treated as inexact, potentially batching alarms together - the alarm will never go off before the time specified, but may go off afterwards. If you have some flexibility in the start time but have a hard deadline, consider using setWindow() to gain more control over the exact time period to be used.

You can use setExact() for a precisely timed single alarms on API 19+ devices, but use these only when the exact timing is required (such as with a calendar reminder).

Need to repeat at a constant rate?
For repeating alarms, batching is the key to good battery life. setInexactRepeating() does exactly that. Prior to API 19, you can use one of the INTERVAL_ constants (such as INTERVAL_HOUR to batch alarms of the same interval. On API 19+ devices, all repeating alarms (no matter what the interval) set with setInexactRepeating() will be batched.

You’ll note there’s also setRepeating() - similar to set() the behavior changes with API 19 from exact to inexact repeating alarms, meaning if you are on an API 19+ device and target API 19+, this functions identically to setInexactRepeating(). If you really need exact repeating alarms on API 19+, set an exact alarm with setExact() and schedule the next alarm once your alarm has triggered - keep in mind the battery implications though!

BUT WAIT: should you even use alarms?
If you want to be as battery efficient as possible (and you should!), consider using JobScheduler ( on API 21+ devices or GcmNetworkManager ( on all Google Play services enabled devices of API 9+.

Supporting both one off and periodic work, these APIs lack the ability to wake from idle, but gain the ability to wait for network access, wait until the battery is charging, take advantage of automatic backoff and retry, persist across reboots, and batch jobs across the system (meaning lower battery usage!).

That’s a lot of good reasons to use JobScheduler and GcmNetworkManager so consider them strongly in your push to #BuildBetterApps
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Damian Mee

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Bad +Google Maps​, that's not how you treat your FABs! 
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+Damian Mee oh, so maybe custom view.
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Damian Mee

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It's one of the best apps I've ever seen/used. It gave me the some WOW-feeling as Timely what it first came out.

EVERYTHING is just so beautifully crafted and very well thought through. Every interaction is a pleasant surprise usually enforced by an animation or a relevant, interesting and easily digestible fact or study.

Just brilliant. Install it now!
Get Science-based Coaching to increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lo...
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Fa fa fabulous
Thanks man
Really well designed application. True material :)
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All those people struggling to get a picture.
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Despite research telling us it’s a really bad idea, many of us end up working 50-hour weeks or more because we think we’ll get more done and reap the benefits later. And according to a study published last month involving 600,000 people, those of...
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Just a math book in Taiwan

(I know that it's a peace sign in western cultures, but still...)
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Coffee and Tea are really good, but WiFi is painfully slow (usually <0.8Mbps). Great for meetings, not great for work.
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Good drinks, fast wifi (super fast uploads) and nice service. Recommend!
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46 reviews
Very lovely place with awesome breakfasts and very tasty sandwiches!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
This place is the best fake Starbucks I've visited. Coffee and snacks are great. WiFi however is so ridiculously broken that even if you somehow manage to get through the setup process, you'll be better off just recording your packets to floppy drives and individually walking them to headquarters of companies websites you want to visit. Go there only if you want to enjoy the peacefulness of the offline world or meet with someone.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago