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Mauro Rocco
Ducati fan, Python lover and occasionaly book author
Ducati fan, Python lover and occasionaly book author


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Looking for VFX for your short film? Maybe I'm the guy you are looking for!

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In case you haven't seen it.
This genuinely remarkable video, beautifully filmed and it really moved me.
1000 musicians from all over Italy play 'Learn to Fly' by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to do a concert in their town of Cesena, Italy.
He has replied, in Italian and Foo Fighters are now heading their way.
Turn it up loud.

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We are still working on our StackExchange Site for django CMS. Progress so far is really good! Feel free to add questions you would like to be answered or vote on the ones you feel are helpful to you or others. Thanks!

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Worth watching! 

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Caro Carlucci come mai +Tesla Motors  ci riesce quasi da sola in tutto il mondo e voi non avete 2 spiccioli per farveli da soli i distributori ? MA perche' sforzarsi quando bastano 2 tangenti belle assestate e cosi' i contribuenti italiani ci mettono i soldi al posto vostro.

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The next Chris Hadfield? Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's star takes off! | The Ottawa Citizen
Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian air force captain and astronaut, is following in the footsteps of Chris Hadfield as she becomes a social media master in orbit! 
Congratulations to Italy's first woman in space!

Credit: +Ottawa Citizen 

+Samantha Cristoforetti 
+European Space Agency, ESA 
+Canadian Space Agency 

#NASA #ESA #ISS #SamanthaCristoforetti #Astronaut #Space   #Italy #Flight   #Engineer #AirForce #Captain #Europe #Earth   #STEM #Education #SocialMedia #Spacecraft #Technology   #Expedition43 #Futura43 #ASI #Photography #Art #Science #International #Italian

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Worth buying

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“Logs are like car insurance. Nobody wants to pay for it, but when something goes wrong everyone wants the best available."

See how we rebuilt our logging in Mule 3.6 with state of the art asynchronous capabilities, dramatically improving performance.

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+Clément Koenig microsoft virtual reality
I'm not into bashing the competition but I couldn't resist this reaction to reading about the +HoloLens
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