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The whole "Drag and drop" to circles is too much of a pointless exercise. Sorry.
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Why do you think that targetted communication/sharing, rather than broadcast to all and sundry, is a pointless exercise?
Ditto - the time taken to organise everyone is only a drag up-front, getting all your contacts organised after that is a doddle. But then I only have about 350 contacts - I guess that +Mauricio Freitas has at least a factor of ten more than that... :)
Yeah, I don't think +mauricio freitas was saying targeted communication is pointless, just the drag and drop part.
the thing is it should be clever enough to do it for me! :D
I don't organise my itunes either its much more fun on WTF is next...
Josiah, I don't need to spend time writing a treatise on why I don't like one feature or another. It's my stream and I put my thoughts. You don't like? Don't listen. That's the beauty of "follow" systems.
Or when they block the people altogether, or not even follow the person.

Look, you are the one who butted into this thread calling names first ("lazy") so, for me, your points went down straight from your first reply.
Yes, I can see circles going the way of the spammers, scammers, trolls and snarky people very fast...
Fair amount of coversation generated .. interesting. Anyone got a theory why G+ is getting such large engagement?
I like the explicit way of creating grouping relationships into social spheres. No other network does it this well.
I'm with +Robert Singers - and it's easy!
I just created a circle for people who don't like circles!
I agree it's time consuming. I used Diaspora's 'Aspects' concept, which is the same as circles, and it has the same problem. At first it seemed good to micromanage relationships into groups but then it became a time sink moving things around to get things 'just right'. Eventually I just settled with two circles - People I know and people I don't (ie. followers, people to follow, etc).
I would also say the whole "UI" experience in my usage has been horrible, with long delays, uncertain behavior, and before you ask, I tried it in Chrome, Firefox and IE, pretty crappy performance in all three
I was impressed with the drag and drop at first, but after dragging and dropping 5 people into appropriate circles it became meh. I just couldn't be bothered doing it. Don't get me wrong, I love the layout and idea of organised circles. It's all neat and user friendly, but tedious. Felt like I had just gotten back from the supermarket and I was putting away the shopping.

Maybe if they added an achievement ala XboxLive for every 100 or so contacts/people/bots you organised into circles it might give me the incentive. Not that I have many to organise.

Whenever I log in anyway I'm clicking on the suggestions near the top right and adding my contact list to circles via that.

G+ circles when I can finally be bothered.
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