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Anyone using OpenWrt or DD-WRT? I'm using both and trying to research how to ensure my routers aren't vulnerable to recent security issues, but I'm struggling.

I have two: Netgear WNDR3700 v2
* DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/29/14) std (SVN revision 23838)
* OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 / LuCI Trunk (0.12+svn-r10530)

Looks like my DD-WRT is newer than the last official release.
However OpenWrt has a new release (from 2015).

Any thoughts/suggestions/advice?
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How do I find the Google+ posts that I've "+1" in the past? .. my favorites I guess?
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Decided to update some really old (but solid and functional) code. Was using a 1.x core library, which is now on a 3.x release.

In an exercise in learning (and self torture), I decided to update critical parts of my code base depending on the lib from v1 -> v2 -> v3 - incrementally instead of jumping to the latest release (yes, I'm crazy).

Noticed a critical method went from Public to Private in v2, and the recommended solution was some inheritance and override. Okay fine, the new code wasn't elegant, but all my tests passed and so I continued.

However the code had inconsistent behaviour when I updated to v3. Everything looked right but the debugger revealed the data in the base class wasn't the same as in the derived? ... Of course, the original method went back to being Public. So I went back and removed all the extra code around it.

Ahhh, open source. ... Self torture indeed.
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I purchased a 5 letter domain name (.tc) 5yrs ago but I never really used it. It is expiring, but now costs about $115/yr. ­čśŽ I'll probably never be able to get it again. Should I renew it?
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Due to recent births and a death in the family, I've had so many flight confirmation emails. Some were mine but many from friends and family.

When I'm traveling Google Now/Gmail are great at giving me reminders and updates. However recently the overload of miscellaneous reminders make its value questionable.

If I'm not the "traveler" in the email, then it would be nice if Google Now asked me to place a reminder to "pick someone up at the airport". Or even just asked me if I wanted to be reminded of this.

I know the Google Now knows where I am (in the Metro Detroit Area) so if the inbound flight is to DTW, then the departure time from some foreign area is pretty useless.

Also when I am traveling and I have a <2hr layover in the area, giving me a weather report for the area and/or "things to do in the area" are definitely worthless Google Now cards. (Never mind that this is even more pointless if I'm not the traveler)

And of course, the last quirk: when flights get changed. I can't say for certain (due to overload in Google Now cards) but the old flight information still stays persistent. I know this is a tougher problem to handle.

Anyways, Google Now automated searching through my Gmail has been great, but the recent barrage of useless information has made me seriously question its value.
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The performance of 'Solsbury Hill' here with the orchestra is absolutely amazing.
Live Blood
Live Blood
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How to test a web application which was (poorly designed) to be hard coded to a very specific domain?

1. spin up a VM (linux based)
2. replicate db, site and necessary web assets
3. using hosts on VM, redirect domain to localhost
4. create a SOCKS proxy using a ssh tunnel to the VM
5. set browser to use proxy on localhost

Voila! Now fix that damn web app.
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So depending on which Ubuntu LTS point release you install, you get a different kernel. At some future time that kernel may no longer be supported, and you are supposed to either upgrade the ENTIRE OS or swap out the kernel.

I inherited one old private server:
running 12.04.2 with kernel 3.5
another 12.04.3 with kernel 3.5

If install 12.04.3 from scratch, I get kernel 3.8 ??

I did a dist-upgrade from 12.04.2 -> 12.04.5
it remained with kernel 3.5

12.04.5 from scratch comes with kernel 3.13

Now my updated 12.04.5 (from 12.04.2) complains that my 3.5 kernel is out of date and no longer receives updates. So I have to switch to  kernels 3.13 so I can have support through the LTS term.

However if by chance I had started with 12.04.0 or .1, then I would get kernel 3.2 supported through the whole LTS term.

I guess I don't understand how is this is considered "STABLE"? Changing major kernel versions for servers seems like a questionable practice?

In RedHat/CentOS, all point releases after update bring you to the same final version. So 6.0 -> 6.1 -> 6.2 -> 6.3, is the same as 6.0 -> 6.3

Clearly I wasn't involved in the initial setup of the Ubuntu servers, but this seems ... messy.
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I'm going to be complaining about my lack of understanding of Ubuntu LTS ... feel free to ignore me. (Assuming anyone still uses Google+)
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Asking for help from #Ubuntu  people.

I inherited a server 12.04 LTS which needs some security updates. But when running 'apt-get update' I get:
"W: Failed to fetch" errors all over.

Googling seems to imply that I need to update sources for apt. But I'm confused: shouldn't LTS releases have correct sources so this should be automatic? Maybe I'm missing something there.

Help appreciated.
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