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This is a beautiful song...

I have an older sister that is very different than me _- I think she's great and a fantastic mom but she wasn't nice to me until her first child was born.

Then we became very close for 24 years.

Now she's changed and I can do nothing right. I was very successful in business and since I got laid off and lost most money in stock market and then was victim of white collar crime - she excludes me from everything.

I sent her this song and I hope she remembers the love we shared.

Anyone who has a sister will relate.

Beautiful song.
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slt toi cv tu vas bien ......?
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Maureen Anne Brunell Hartnett

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I agree with Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Nirvana, The Beatles, and of course the best live show in 20 minutes ever  Queen!!!!.  Oops, forgot the Boss. I've seen all these groups except Jimi Hendrix, of course. The Boss is hard to beat in a live four hour concert, with any of these groups, in his energy, but still Freddie and Bryan, Roger and John Decan, are my favorite group of all time, then The Who, Beatles, then Wings / Paul McCartney, and two of the best live shows I saw in the early 80s were, Bad Company and Journey.  So many good groups.  These just come to mind now.  I'll never forget the Who, I can't.  I developed tinnitus, in my left ear.  Constant high pitched sound, still have it.  Thought I'd go crazy from age 15 to 18 but now it's my "The Who Concert in 1978 constant memory".  LOUD. 
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Maureen Anne Brunell Hartnett

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I think this is one of Freddie's best lyrical efforts.  Beautiful and "so real".  I don't think I would have really 'got' this song until I had many crisis' in my life. Life is real, we must live through the worst and either you get a chance to come out of pain stronger or you don't.   Life is real, so live it always like Freddie did. Love both of you, RIP geniuses.
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Maureen Anne Brunell Hartnett

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Amazed by Paul McCartney is probably my favorite. But, Box Scags, loved them.
some of the earlier songs, like, At Last by Etta James, and love 'You make me feel like a Natural woman" and one more....I'll think of it.
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RIP Mickey Rooney

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DJ Spin
While Mickey Rooney's passing is very sad ... ummmm, that picture is NOT of Mickey Rooney, that's Mickey Rourke!!! 
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Maureen Anne Brunell Hartnett

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After listening / watching this 20 minute amazing performance for probably 100 times, hearing the accolades from peers and Geldof tears actually rolled down my face - of happiness and Joy for how this show gave Freddie and Brian Roger & John the "recognition and resurgence" which allowed Freddie the best last years & love to go out as he should have: THE BEST: a LEGEND!!   He would have been remembered as such but he received praise till the end & I'm so happy for this
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You put it so beautifully.  I feel the same way... when I want to feel good I watch that greatest performance of all time.  Queen is great and there is nobody like Freddie Mercury.  Dead for 22 years he is more alive than anybody else who tries to match him.
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Maureen Anne Brunell Hartnett

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Love REM and this song in particular. Emotional performance!
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Maureen Anne Brunell Hartnett

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..This world has one sweet moment set aside for us....

beautiful lyrics.
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I have experience both as an 'employee', and as a consultant in strategic planning, marketing, sales and business development. I recently took some time off to focus on exploring new career directions. I like the freedom of consulting, and realized I fit in best at smaller, entrepreneurial firms. I also came up with ideas for two ventures I plan to start in the next few years. With my time off I discovered I am a talented jewelry designer and also reignighted my passion for photography.
Strategic planning primarily in corporate growth and stability in down markets; business development; consultative sales; growth via partnering. Networking, writing, presentations, internet marketing, graphic design.
  • Strategic Marketing / BD
    Strategic Marketing & Social Media Consultant, 2011 - 2012
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    Various, Bookkeeeper, 1976 - 1985
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I am very successful in marketing and sales. I worked at 4 different companies as I reference above but had a little time off between my last corporate position and my marketing consultanting work, so I developed a few great ideas for companies. If you read this and are a VC or Angel Investor, I would be very interested in discussing my ideas!l
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    I began my college career in liberal arts taking courses in history, English Literature, Writing (ait was not until years later I learned my first English Composition Class was taught by a poet of international acclaim, Ms. Eleanor Risteen Gordon. Yes, I learned of her fame in Chicago Magazine's annual issue of 'Chicago's Hidden Treasures". Her profile appears right after the description of the tunnels under The Green Mill which led to a system of tunnels that spider throughout Uptown . They were used to transport bootleg booze for Al Capone who had a speakeasy down the block. Not bad to follow that interesting story. Because of Ms. Gordon, I became obsessed with being a perfect writer. Lucky for me my dad held close to a phd, and was an educator himself, and a fantastic writer. And turned me onto the New Yorker when I was old enough to just view the cartoons. Dad would rewrite my first pieces, masterpieces, I'd brag to him, to bribe him through flattery. It worked. I received A's throughout four amazing classes, in Composition, Literature, more composition and more literature. I wondered, "if I'm going to a 'second rate 'Closer' school - as "Circle' was kown in the late 80s, ', what must the teachers be like at say, Harvard??? I've kept the issue all these years, and for the first time, I've scanned and will share a "Hidden Treasure" Chicago Magazine surprised me with 3 years after I graduated from a great school, now known as University of Illinois at Chicago. I of course took any class that interested me, with no goals of what I planned to do. Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Math Math Math....I never studied in high school, so Math is the only class you can't fake it. I received B's and Cs in high school and for never once studying, not too bad, but having two highly educated parents who taught themselves, i was an underachiever. The way I see it. I had a blast. My parents specifically told my sister she was the 'smart one' and I, "the pretty party girl". I got the best role (yes parents mess up, even parenty who help to form the minds of 1000s because once home, the last thing they wanted to see were kids!! This made it easy to go see amazing concerts in the early 80s, every good show that came through town. My Dominick's money funded my fun, and I worked a lot. I worked hard actually. At 17 I was promoted to bookkeeper, counting millions per week of cash in the chain's busiest store. Sigh, Store 12 will be closing soon, but my nine years there educated me in ways no high school could. And union wages pushed my annual pay to over $30,000 at age 20. College tuition was nothing, i didn't save, I bought cloths, partied with my best friends from grade school, some of whom are still my best friends. One in particular, had older sisters and they brought us to Queen, the Stones, The Who - at which I developed a constant ringing in my left ear - tinnitus. A high pitch that drives you nuts, until several years pass and you never notice it. I still have it. My reminder of that excellent Who concert. Who else: Alman Brothers, who are amazing; not Paul McCartney - hope that happens. Everyone from Clapton, to Steely Dan, who rarely toured, to Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Journey, everyone. The concerts that stand out: Queen - i've never seen a more amazing group live. Bad Company were cool, very good. Elvis Costello, Elton John, Never saw Rod. Don't care. Then there were the California groups, The Eagles who have had an amazing run. Loved Phil Collins and actually saw Genesis. Lynard Skynard, was an early one, but I just read their name is a take off on a gym teacher the guys had in high school. Let's see... Heart, OK. Linda Ronstadt. michael Jackson....too many to count
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