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A quick look at who we are:

Brr, looks cold on the mainland. #EscapeTheCold  and come to #Maui  

Not too much to report here in Wailea from #Iselle. Upcountry did get hit with more rain and wind and therefore has some damage, and lost power. Now let's hope that #Julio  stays North of the Hawaiian Islands.

It is responses like this that make my job rewarding. Thank you Jim!

Hello Matt, 

Just a note to say thank you for a great place to stay. It was one of the best vacation we have ever had. This experience was better than last time we went to Hawaii using a travel agent. You have made it so easy to book the place and the electronic key is the best. Didn't have to deal with a key the whole week. Your Mom and Dads unit was just perfect and all the items they had for us to use. The use of beach chairs and towels was perfect. They have outfitted the unit with everything we needed. It was even nice having all the books. I am not a big reader like my wife is but i was able to find a book that kept my interest. We hardly ever turned the TV on. We were even able to get our son to read. Thank you, thank you thank you. We will be back in a few years. If you ever need a referral you cal always use my name, number and e mail. I will give you glowing reviews. 5 stars plus 


20.439 views on our YouTube Channel. Have you taken a look? We'd love your feedback!

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Coming soon - our new logo heralds our website redesign. Easier to find worry free accommodations you can trust. Our directory is one of a kind. Not just anyone can advertise. We check them out with Maui County and Hawaii Tax Department first, then we gain access and inspect the property. If we wouldn't stay there…  they don't get on. 

We were finally able to successfully move our YouTube Channel to our this new Google+ Page. Very happy! Please do check out our videos!

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